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DDR3-Ram(Team/Kingston/G.Skill)/VGAs(9 cards)


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It´s time for a wipeout :D - all items are tested and working, except for the AGP-Leadtek(untested) and the GeCube1950XT(defective), for more information refer to the descriptions of the items


19.0239yife.jpg 19.0214nnesi.jpg




1. 3x2GB G.Skill Trident DDR3-2000 C9-9-9-24 1,65v


Triple kit with follow up serialnumbers, good technical and optical condition, made a last memtest run today and kit works flawless.


19.02136kd6k.jpg 19.0210ladrn.jpg


2. 2x2GB Team XTreem DDR3-2000 C9-9-9-24 1,65v


The kit works flawless and is in excellent condition.




3. 2x2GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1800 C8-8-8-24 1,7-1,9v


Dual kit, technical condition and optics are top, like all kits offered memtest stableway below rated voltages




Graphics cards - working and tested


4. EVGA Geforce8800GTS 512MB BlackPearl


The card was a legend at its time, I made some fast tests on ghetto aircooling and it works flawless, the Innovatek water cooler looks excellent though I cannot guarantee it works because I do not use water cooling. In original box with accessories - stock clocks 740/1836/1000




5. XFX Geforce8800GTS 512MB Alpha Dog Edition


Fully working and tested, bulk




6. Gainward Geforce8800GT 512MB Golden Sample


OC-version with custom dual slot cooler, rated 650/1620/950, technical excellent, optics are quite good as well




7. Asus Geforce8800GT 512MB Top


The card works flawless and is in good condition, Asus uses a custom Top-cooler on this model




8. Sapphire HD3870 DDR3


The card is working and in very good condition, like all cards here not modded by me




9. Sapphire X1950Pro 256MB Ultimate edition


OC-Version with Zalman VF900 built n by manufacturer, rated for 581/800, excellent condition




10. Asus X1950 Pro 256MB


Custom Asus cooler which works far better than ATIs reference model. Excellent condition, apart from a bit of dust :D



VGA defect or untested


11. GeCube Radeon X1950XT Turbo


Defective, card shows black screen, I think I killed the vga bios by making a rookie mistake and trying to test it with ati tool without using right settings, the card has a Macs Tech cooler which should work afai can judge




12. Leadtek Winfast A250 AGP


Untested for long time, and one capacitor shows a slight buldge, I am not sure it is worth buying but I offer it for collector or people with ability to revive if the card is dead.

19.02194hd1h.jpg 19.0220wdek3.jpg


Prices excl. shipping, which comes on top

1. 45 Euros

2. 40 Euros

3. 35 Euros

4. 40 Euros

5. 25 Euros

6. 30 Euros

7. 22 Euros number4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 12 sold to Christan Ney and already paid

8. 20 Euros

9. 20 Euros

10. 17 Euros

11. 10 Euros

12. 10 Euros

Preferred method of payment are paypal non cc and western union. Shipping cost will vary with region and weight/volumen of the purchased items, please ask if you are unsure about them, envelope for mems usually is around 7-15 euros, dhl varies extremely with region that I would have to ship to. Most likely I would advice to buy several items or non on the vgas, as shipping might give you bad value if you only purchase one card for example. It is only a deal if I confirm a purchase - I can refuse a deal without naming reasons, especially if I had bad experience with interested person in the past


Best regards



Disclaimer : no returns, no warratny or guarantee provided by me as private seller.

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