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Xtreme OC Party vol.2


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Few months ago Team Russia hosted OC event - Xtreme OC Party.

First Xtreme OC Party was in Kiev, Ukraine. Smoke and 12 invited famous polish overclocker Xtreme Addict, together they did some world records and very strong results.


Aftermovie from Xtreme OC Party vol.1 you can see at YouTube


In last weekend we did second Xtreme OC Party, in this time main topic was AMD CPU overclocking.


When: 22-23 March 2014;

Who: Smoke, 12, slamms, Ananerbe, Atheros, IceAlex.

Where: Moscow, Russia.

Goal: 8+ Ghz. :D



From left to right: IceAlex, Ananerbe, 12, Smoke, Atheros.



Was some fun with new ASUS ROG MATRIX R9 290X, but it is another story, in this time we was focused on AMD CPU benching.



CPU: 2x AMD FX-8350 and 2x AMD FX-9590

Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula-Z



The main AMD OCers - 12 and Ananerbe :)



12`s AMD FX-8350 - 8221 MHz



Ananerbe`s AMD FX-9590 - 8281 MHz


And finally we did it - 8,3 GHz!!!


12`s AMD FX-9590 - 8316 MHz


And you can see aftermovie at YouTube here:




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