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  1. Hello, i have 2pcs of GPU POT Raptor 4 , how much is your price Ziker?
  2. I see 4600 1t Pretty impossible for 24/7. about those kit, I think it’s all about lucky, so i take the more cheap and test. good luck!
  3. Thanks guys!, sadly i am not back, just find some support for this LN2 run... :(
  4. Dont need special bios for any of the board, some NON official bios change in minimal stuff, like more headroom of V without LN2 mode, and shit like that, u dont need XOC bios at all noizemaker. U are having some issue with it?
  5. Tested few minutes and sensitive better over 0805 on rams air, with A2 atm
  6. I don’t see difference at all , the only one is the pwm is much stronger on apex and heat to much less than gene, and also the heatsink it’s also stronger and bigger.
  7. Sorry to bother u, but this file and the older one, i give me error on WINRAR: " this archive is either in unknow formot or damage " Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks man, i ask cause on photos, the VGA was on the 1st one, and CPUz show 8X. Thanks for all this great info !!! and send my BR to your little boy!
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