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  1. Hello, i have 2pcs of GPU POT Raptor 4 , how much is your price Ziker?
  2. I see 4600 1t Pretty impossible for 24/7. about those kit, I think it’s all about lucky, so i take the more cheap and test. good luck!
  3. Thanks guys!, sadly i am not back, just find some support for this LN2 run... :(
  4. Dont need special bios for any of the board, some NON official bios change in minimal stuff, like more headroom of V without LN2 mode, and shit like that, u dont need XOC bios at all noizemaker. U are having some issue with it?
  5. Tested few minutes and sensitive better over 0805 on rams air, with A2 atm
  6. I don’t see difference at all , the only one is the pwm is much stronger on apex and heat to much less than gene, and also the heatsink it’s also stronger and bigger.
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