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  1. Very cool! Few questions: 1. What memory do you use (model)? 2. Could you test power draw? Stock Idle vs OC Idle? 3. What cooling do you use (model)? 4. And in Win you can't see the temps, but some MB could in bios, so could you run some stress tests for half an hour, and then quick reboot to check temp in Bios?
  2. Why Gigabyte so shy? Those BIOS`es unlock non-k OC right? But in Description only "Improve M.2 device compatibility"...
  3. Thank you for clearing the air. 0. And what about XPM profiles? Do they useless when you OC bclk? Like XPM ddr4 3000 would think your bclk 100? And to achieve that you need to make a totally custom profile? ____ And since such big people here, please clear those things: 1. Could intel make a microcode update and via windows 10 update and close non-k OC? 2. And once you might have it, if you will roll back to win 8.1,or make clean Win 10 10240 that update will be gone? 3. Or once you caught it you are done, it will affect bios etc? 4. Or it just in hdd/ssd and wipe whole thing down and you good for OC? 5. I know you can disable Win10 updates, i just want to know with current Win10 builds+bios they can't close BCLK OC and force you to get microcode update, unless you want to, or if you did (by mistake), you just wipe whole system down, get clean install without this microcode update(basically just a small CPU driver?) and your OC safe and good? Please clear those fears and many people will sleep good)
  4. 1. I wondering what bclk OC do with ddr4 memory? 2. I mean do you need downgrade it a bit? 3. Like 2133 to 20** something, 2400 to 23** something? 4. Do cheap ddr4 1.2v will be working fine? 5. If so is there a difference between i5 6400 with 27x and i5 6500 with 32x, for 4.5Hz you need 140 bclk and 167 bclk, how those 27 bclk would affect the memory?
  5. Maybe they want to make it right, with power saving mode etc? But it still pretty suspicious, #JUSTDOITGIGABYTE
  6. So if you get your skylake non-k oc working, and won't update bios you will be good like forever? Unless you will update your bios they can do nothing to shot it down? But that story http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/g3258-owners-windows-10-will-not-install-boot-when-overclocked.214699/ shows they could force you to update your bios
  7. Intel closed non-z oc in haswell in about 10 days. I bet right now they making a microcode update to close this thing down. This is why gigabyte won't even bothering to make non-k bioses
  8. It would be super cool if some one could test power consumption of this new skylake oc method, if it gonna change your bill for electricity much? 1 hour idle vs browsing vs gaming
  9. wow, if blck OC lower then FX83** amd screwed http://www.techspot.com/articles-info/1108/bench/Power.png Here i3 110W, but make whole system run always at top power draw could be an issue Now i wondering what's better 4690K+b85=4.4 or 6400+z170=4.4 same money, but now this power draw decision. If only you could turn blck OC down in Windows...
  10. So in stock i5 6400 draw 65W(and it does power save), how many W would it draw with blck OC? Is it still would be smaller than AMD FX 83** power draw?
  11. Is it true when you OC blck your cpu will always run at maximum? Or when idle multiplier still drops to 8x? And how much more power does cpu draw compared to standard K OC?
  12. The main question for me, can intel be a di*k and lock this thing up? Like they did in past http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2013/07/25/intel-overclocking-block/1 Whole K line up is screwed, they might want to protect it And 6400 has multiplier x27 , 6500 has multiplier x32 is it worth to pay more of x5 multiplier? Where there a sweet spot?
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