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  1. gotohell

    Wrong list

    https://hwbot.org/submission/4041634_gotohell_3dmark_99_max_rage_128_(128bit_32mb)_3963_marks WTF guys, ist 64bit RAGE!
  2. thats dont help me, but achievements recalculated.
  3. 10x!! Achievement yes, but pic related...
  4. The GTPP recalculation button did not help (it only made it worse), achievements can only be obtained after pressing the "recount points" button. This is normal? Or did I get something wrong?
  5. " someone can dump it" Oh lol. It just ")))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))" "no need to spam 50 old threads" I bump comment on site, not threads. " if someone can dump it " Whatever, i found fix for GA 8651M RZ
  6. Маму ебал создателя чипсета сис, сиськи ей рвал.
  7. me in telegramm : https://t.me/ism1337 HW retard group : https://t.me/hwretard
  8. ахххх ты девка портовая :3, сисю заюзал? Ничего ничего, скоро нашлепаю тебе по жопе с моей Ати А4
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