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  1. Model: Voodoo3 2000 AGP (Avenger) 3dfx Cooling: Air (Stock) Speed: 222MHz (+55.24%) / 222MHz (+55.24%) Its on 5.5(5) mem?
  2. "There should be a custom pledge option available which allows you to donate any amount you wish." ++ (reg needed )
  3. Ooh my special salty maddy boy, ok, 652fsb VS 631 / 2-2-2 timings vs unknown. PB GA-SIMlNF mobo has ~175fsb(8 M-RZ 166-170), i solder to it VDD booster and we talk tommorow.
  4. U are comletly mad. Its not a mem or timings, i tested SIS w 3200 / 3500 / 4000 DDR.
  5. Its a sort of mental retardation? Or yur mum dropped you head down? Once again retard, GA-8blabla SIS650/651 mobos, dosent react to timing change / or react very bad. at GA-8S651 and GA-8SIMLH (i have PacardBell rev, green txt) gives us 1400-1500sc at def set at third screen u can see DDR400 w t:2-2-2-6, maan u got shit un your eyes? Even if we take Aopen MX46U2 mobo (it react to timings very good, but dosent suport prescot, and dosent have mem divider) we still get +/- same result BUT if we take Aopen S651M w SIS330, we can get very easy 2.3-2.5score (at 128mb v-ram) Fuck, what wrong whith u all
  6. 315 stok -> stok + SIS OCC -> DDR OCC -> etc... Last 3 (over 2k) w Z-Buff16bit
  7. mod, del ALL results until 1.8k , overcloking SIS315 dosent help get a score (+300 its max what i see)
  8. Oh my *ucking god, its not a cheats or SIS330, its 16bit Z-buffer. *ucking retards, sis315 from 11/2001 use 24bit one!
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