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  1. First successful results of BenchMate 0.11 running a QX9650 on an ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA and a GTX 9800. 😎 3DMark03: https://hwbot.org/submission/4328329_ SuperPI 1M with Virtual RAMDisk enabled: https://hwbot.org/submission/4328289_ CPU is at 3G, don't hate me. It was hard enough to get the system working, making BenchMate compatible was rather easy in comparison.
  2. You are probably using a CPU that is currently not supported. The AES-NI instruction set is necessary for now to do fast file integrity checks. The next version, BenchMate 0.11, won't need the instruction set and runs even on socket 775. That's the oldest platform I have here for testing. It will be available for download in the next couple of days (asap).
  3. @KaRtA You used BenchMate for your sub 6 run, I guess to make use of the Virtual RAMDisk tweak, right? Why didn't you do the screenshot with the result dialog as well? Would have been much more trustworthy to know that SuperPi wasn't tampered with and that timers were not skewed.
  4. You should get these three files after you took the result screenshot via the "Save Result" button. The .hwbot can only be uploaded to the "wPrime ... with BenchMate" categories for now.
  5. It's not really weird at all. You still have the driver of 0.9.3 running in the background, which is not compatible with BenchMate 0.10. If you wouldn't get this error message, you'd get a bluescreen. Please don't use BenchMate 0.9.3. If you really want to use it (damn you, Geekbench), use it on its own OS install.
  6. Thank you, @keeph8n! @lunatic@98, my request for a bug report was meant for you (as well). It would help a lot to fix this.
  7. The result was made using a graphics card that can't be correctly matched or the integrated HWiNFO library can't read the GPU's sensors correctly. That's why the GPU and GPU memory frequency rows are marked as red (invalid). Please submit a bug report from within BenchMate (in the menu of the main dialog) after you have finished a 3DMark run that would lead to an error like this. Thank you in advance!
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I will integrate y-cruncher and x265 with the next release. Both are a little bit harder to integrate because their wrappers are built with Java, which is impossible to secure. So another solution has to be found, I'm not sure yet how this will turn out, but I'll find something. As for the SuperPi bug. I have encountered this but could never reproduce it two times in a row. Thanks for the bug report, I will look into it!
  9. Yes, you can move your old results into the new BenchMate installation. You can always move/copy the following files to a new BenchMate installation directory. Close BenchMate first, then move/copy, start BenchMate again and all your benchmarks and results should up after restarting BenchMate. Old-BenchMate\results\* => New-BenchMate\results\ Old-BenchMate\config.json => New-BenchMate\
  10. It's not a bug, security always has its performance penalty. Although there is next to no impact on most benchmarks, wPrime is different here. That's why I initially refused to add it, but got convinced by the popular vote. wPrime is coded in Visual Basic 6, a programming language not suited for multi-threaded applications. To achieve threading it uses a COM object server, which actually starts two wPrime processes per thread to calculate and communicate the progress and result. The startup of these processes is part of the time measurement as well, so when you run wPrime you are also benching the COM object client spawning in addition to the normal workload. To secure all these processes, BenchMate has to add a security layer to each process. This is normally done only once when the benchmark application is started. On wPrime with Threadripper this has to be done dozens of time. I optimized the hell out of this, but I can do only so much. In any case, you can't bench wPrime with AMD on Windows 10, so you should compare it against a Windows 7 score. According to the scoreboard it seems like Windows 10 + BenchMate is still winning.
  11. This is not a valid result with BenchMate. You need to start wPrime from BenchMate's launchpad, make a score and save it to a screenshot with the "Save Result" button. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  12. Although I don't like to be told that I'm an a$$hole, it's much more important to make BenchMate as good as possible. He had good points, but a poor choice of words. A little respect goes a long way though. We're a community for christ sakes, let's act like one.
  13. @MrGenius Thanks to your bug reports I could fix two problems. The QPC Skew "bug" led to an improved auto detection algorithm to restrict QPC usage in benchmarks depending on the hardware platform and OS used. Additionally I've added the possibility to configure the Timer Emulation used for benchmarks. This is only available for all CINEBENCH and 3DMark versions as they depend on very fast timer facilities to avoid a negative impact on performance. Please check the changelog for more details: https://benchmate.org/changelog.html (see version 0.10.4) The skewing of QPC on Windows 7 is actually not a bug! All Intel CPUs below Skylake will show wrong benchmark results if QPC is used for timing and QPC itself just wraps the CPU's TSC. The assumption that all is safe on Windows 7 was never justified. We are just lucky that most benches are so old, that they don't use QPC. Unfortunately that is not true for Geekbench 3, Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5. Or for example the new Intel XTU 6.5. All of these benchmarks can NOT be benched on Pre-Skylake platforms on Windows 7. Same goes for AMD of course. Regarding your statement on Geekbench 5, I've set these categories back to "Alpha" status, which hides them from HWBOT's benchmark overview page. There were only a handful of results and the whole category depends on the automatic submission by BenchMate, which is no longer supported.
  14. BenchMate 0.10.5 is available for download. 👇 This is probably the last release for 2019 as I am as exhausted as one can be. It was a good year though, but as unhealthy as an out-of-control drug addiction. 🌈 I haven't announced the last two minor releases to spare you the hassle of too many downloads. But this one is very close to what I had in mind for 0.10 and fixes all known bugs, so please redownload for the best experience. Download: https://benchmate.org Changelog: https://benchmate.org/changelog.html PayPal: https://bit.ly/2LQgc5S Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/benchmate
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