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  1. _mat_

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    OS is different, that's for sure. Graphics card as well, but I doubt that's the issue. Do you have a Windows 7 install lying around?
  2. _mat_

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Thank you for the detailed report, much appreciated. These seem to be two unrelated errors. HWiNFO is not compatible with this system/platform, you can try "Safe Mode" though before disabling it. The second problem is related to the gathering of various system information (mostly WMI) and/or result encryption. It's somehow related to these old sockets, another user had the same problem with an old Athlon 64 system as well. I will look into it, hope I still have test hardware here.
  3. Were you able to scroll down in the debug log after the error occurs? It only shows the first few lines. Btw, there is something very wrong with the timer on this system. Seems like QueryPerformanceFrequency() is returning a crazy high frequency, that can't be correct. But that shouldn't be part of this particular problem.
  4. _mat_

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    I have reuploaded GPUPI 3.2 with the latest HWiNFO libraries. It is still called 3.2, just be sure that the HWiNFO*.dll is dated 13th of August 2018. GPUPI 3.3.2 was updated as well. Download: https://www.overclockers.at/news/gpupi-international-support-thread
  5. I didn't know that was an infosec term, thanks for clarifying. It's my first report, never done that before. I didn't set a date, I somehow believed back then that this will be fixed of course.
  6. I reported it in autumn 2017 and detailed the vulnerabilities to Intel and Futuremark. It was full disclosure, I talked to the XTU devs and some 3DMark devs. Massman accompanied the process and we were searching for a solution back then. He knew that this was (and is) an important step for HWBOT to validate results, even tried to finance it and helped wherever he could. Sadly it was too close to his departure so I haven't come up with a viable solution at that point. Yes, I think that HWBOT is responsible for the quality of benchmark submissions. I don't criticize the manual moderation process/your work. You are dedicating a lot of effort into this and it's very much appreciated. But if you want HWBOT to be still taken seriously as a platform to host and validate world records, rankings and comparable results you should at least not ignore the fact that there is a problem. You don't even need to come up with a solution, but accept it, include yourself in the discussion and contribute if you can. To blame it on overclockers in general is NOT the solutions. Most play by the rules, buy expensive hardware and bench for hours to get credit for their achievements. But a single "OnePageBook" devaluates these efforts just by editing a screenshot in what ... 3 minutes tops? That's a problem that overclocking suffers from since I can remember. Let's try to solve it together.
  7. This is GPUPI 3.1.1, so it's valid for this category. GPUPI 3.3 was not released until April.
  8. If I would do something like that, it would be one additional application that runs next to the legacy benchmarks. It injects proper time functions into the executable so it will be able to use my Reliable Benchmark Timer driver. It's kind of an emulation for week Win32 API timer functions. The wrapper could also handle screenshot taking and uploading, some security checks and hardware detection. All that would need some changes in the HWBOT submission or - and that's something I would prefer - its own validation site. It will show a screenshot with a watermark that adds a timestamp and some hardware information that has to match the uploaded values on the site. Will need something similiar for the new GPUPI 4 as well, so basically it's something I am going to do. Without the screenshot watermark of course, that's a workaround for legacy benchmarks. The big problem with this is, that some benchmarks need Windows XP to perform at their best. On XP there is no such thing as a reliable timer and I won't write an alternate driver for some minor security checks. The application could work though for screenshot timestamping to have at least some validation. But I need to think that over. Another question: Would anyone here donate for a project like this?
  9. The reasons why I am publishing this right now: 1) I have first talked to benchmark vendors (including Intel) and they know about these problems, yet they do nothing. 2) HWBOT knows about this, yet there isn't even an official statement on the current state of benchmark security. 3) I've shown this on the HWBOT forums and nobod really cared To sum it up: Nobody cares when actually everybody involved should. Benchmarks can't be taken seriously in their current state. There are not enough security measures implemented, the way timers are used is unreliable and the concept of handling results and hardware information is just plain wrong. I can go into details if anybody is interested. Additionally every benchmark developer is on it's own to implement the necessary "features" above. That leads to inconsistent quality/reliability of the benchmarks and their results. This was made pretty clear after the time skewing debacle and the mess it has left. But also smaller "attacks" have followed like the Nehalem dual socket phenomenom where people really believed that those old Xeons were world material. These problems hit hard because old benchmark versions have to be excluded from ranking or legacy benchmarks get more difficult to moderate. All that leads to trust issues among overclockers, especially new ones. And that's totally understandable because even I am coming across GPUPI results that I can't comprehend. It's not only about cheating but about trusting the mechanisms of the benchmarks, the hardware information gathering and the timers. So we compare the peformance of hardware with benchmarks that are not built with reliability in mind. Even with GPUPI 3 I am right now only chasing problems, not preventing them in the first place. So what needs to be done is a uniform mechanism for timing, result handling and hardware detection that all benchmarks can use. The validation logic needs to be transfered to the submission server as well, so decisions for result exclusion can be done at any point, even for the past. So why am I showing this? Because things need to be taken seriously from all sides and have to be changed for the better.
  10. I will eventually. But first I want you to know the full implications of this tool. CPU-Z will take a hit as well, although not every platform. Skylake X can't be helped though: https://valid.x86.fr/5qy93f
  11. _mat_

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    You will be dearly missed in Austria of course, but as you well said: Why be part of a team when you are the only one in it. Sad but true, overclocking is pretty much dead in Austria. Have fun and kick ass at OCN.
  12. Open the debug log (Menu => Tools => Debug Log) and post a screenshot or the output of the log when the crash appears. The way it sounds to me it has nothing to do with HWiNFO. Especially when it's disabled, everything is done with WMI instead (a normal windows feature).
  13. _mat_

    LN2 Source Germany

    Forget Linde, they are expensive and mostly idiots. I am pretty happy with Messer in Austria/Vienna. They also have locations in Germany. Seems like the nearest is 45 km: https://www.messer.de/gasepartner They provide transport to the doorstep as well without extra payment. Cost is less than 1 Euro per liter, can't remember exactly. For a show with 200 liters it's about 150 Euros including several leased containers. You can also try Air Liquide. Had some good experiences there as well (in Salzburg though).
  14. I have updated the download page on overclockers.at to reflect the situation on HWBOT better. Let me know if that helps.