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  1. It's discontinued. Will only work with Benchmate 0.9.3, which I can not recommend. Search for the Geekbench/BenchMate disputes on the forum for more info.
  2. Thanks for the donation! Very much appreciated! Beta3 with lots of improvements, y-cruncher integration and working CB R20 and R23 integration is nearly done. If the testing goes smooth, it should be available for Patreons tomorrow. ❤️ (I will send you the link)
  3. Right click on SuperPi in BenchMate's launchpad and set affinity to any core you want. Or don't change the setting and let the OS decide. On modern OSes this will automatically use the best core communicated by the CPU. On Win 7 with unsupported CPU gens you will need to set this manually.
  4. This rule makes no sense when used with BenchMate. File integrity check would block the score if you touch the rendering file. I also checked that the image swap cheat is still not possible on BM and indeed it still works.
  5. Will release a new stable version tomorrow. SuperPi should work fine with it and lots of other bugs fixed. Edit: As a workaround I think you just need to make the SuperPi window bigger so it fits all text for 32M. And don't minimize it during the run. That was especially buggy with 0.9.3.
  6. It doesn't work with the latest Geekbench version, you have to use an earlier version. Geekbench dev changed something, probably not by accident. Some version do perform better, so check other results what they are using.
  7. A VM/hypervisor can emulate all register calls. So the concept of CPU models or actually any reference to real hardware is lost. Also time can be skewed freely. Therefore I chose to disallow VMs for BenchMate.
  8. To clarify and make myself look bad again and again, over and over: You can easily find a way to circumvent the current screenshot rule. The only technique mitigating this vulnerability is the validation of all files that are used for the workload. There is no other way. It also avoids real renderings of the workload with slightly decreased image quality. For CB R11.5 and R15 you can edit and put your own logic in there, basically just setting the result value you want. This also goes away if file integrity is always checked. Sorry to bring the bad news. There are more vulnerabiliti
  9. Benchmarks or at least associated points should change more often anyways. Yearly basis for example, so even the pros have to step up their game once in a while. I also think it's a good idea to move on from R20 directly to R23. Would only make sense with the custom R23 version though.
  10. To get the ball rolling here as well: While analyzing CINEBENCH R23 I had an idea. It seems like none of us want to embrace a new benchmark that brings nearly the same workload and result image as its predecessor. So why don't we customize a workload to our needs? Ladies and gentlemen, this could be the CINEBENCH R23 - HWBOT Edition: Let's make the workload HWBOT themed. There are these great renderings from somebody here for various competitions! We can roughly define the length of the benchmark, its memory consumption (for better tweaking with MAXMEM) and its heat productio
  11. Please use the result dialog (Save Result or F5 in BenchMate), it has additional logic to validate the result. For example the benchmark's file integrity is shown, which is not on the screen right now.
  12. Crazy! That damn Titan V can burn in hell now for the rest of its miserable life.
  13. Yes, that's very much possible. If I remember correctly from Frederick's short mail replies, the hardware has to be added in a special way to make it work for the submission API. So if the uploading doesn't work on the HWBOT side of things (like the server returns with an error), it might be necessary to let @Leeghoofd know.
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