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  1. For sale 4x8GB 3200C14 B-die (oct-16), from a 8x8GB kit Running 4000 12-12-12 at about 1,96 Vdram, not pushed further 2x8GB = 100euro buyer pays shipping and fees
  2. I know that is listed as integrated but I'd like to know how it is considered in that stage, due to cpuz and gpuz report
  3. @Leeghoofd About stage 8 3dmark06 Vega 8/11 (ryzen x200G and x400G) how are considered? Integrated or pcie? e.g. https://hwbot.org/submission/4220661_stingeryar_3dmark06_radeon_rx_vega_11_26302_marks cpuz (mainboard) and gpuz mark as 16x pcie
  4. Sorry but I am able to reply just now No cheat, just cine return this blank screen and absurde score.
  5. noticed just now: photo rig is NOT mandatory? 😲
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