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  1. HyperSLI works thank u again https://hwbot.org/submission/4574250_superpatodonaldo_3dmark03_2x_geforce_9800_gtx()_103046_marks?recalculate=true
  2. hi all I try the patch for win 7 64 and it works; but no luck in xp 32bit with x299 ocf PKBO has some sli subs with m10a, what is needed to run sli? https://hwbot.org/submission/4146451_pkbo_3dmark05_2x_geforce_9800_gtx()_55514_marks https://hwbot.org/submission/4146444_pkbo_3dmark2001_se_2x_geforce_9800_gtx()_139980_marks
  3. 2x single gpu is quite simple, isn't it? sadly there are a lot dualgpu vgas broken or not working...try to get some gtx295 for the TC2020: 4 vgas all broken 😡
  4. Geekbench 3 single core or superpi32 Intel & AMD per socket and mem (help me with old hw) 3dm2001 (?) / 3dmark2003 and or 3dmark2005 1xVGA 2xVGA; maybe per socket or mem
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