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  1. some questions: X265 1080P why DDR4 and DDR3 need 3 score? UHB ddr2: 1 videocard, 2 core = dualgpu? wPrime 1024m DDR2 1 processor AM2: only 1 core?
  2. Ok...because the x299ocf doesn't go for 4-sli with the 7740x 😟 need to find a 7700k
  3. superpatodonaldo


    Have one but still no relevant test
  4. https://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2020_X265/stage/4989_ddr4_hwbot_x265_benchmark_-_1080p x265 1080p ddr4 only for 10cores = intel stage 😬
  5. add a 7970 Lightning wb full (the vga is broken=artifacts) pics incoming
  6. I don't have an EVGA 2066 mobo but I remember that xp works with the R6A and with X299OCF only with bios 1.20 Z390 xp does not work?
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