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  1. How much would you ask for a rex?!?
  2. Grazie Andre, ho testato la VGA, la sapphire ad aria, la Matrix devo prepararla
  3. I think I can not send pm, given my low post, so, for me, it's impossible to contact him privately Regards Zannema
  4. Thanks for the advice Johan, today I received a pair of G.Skill b-die 4133mhzC12 tested on Z170, maybe the next run I can try those
  5. I remember Qcode errors displayed and no startup or boot above the 0C °
  6. At the next session I'll try to take some pictures of the bios settings and Qcode to make you see what happens. Thanks to everyone for their help and support. Regards Zannema
  7. Yes, of course I set the jumper in LN2 mode, but I have not solved, I try with an older bios: 1001 (try this bios because i've a kit of Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8GB, and i've read that this bios is appropriate and the best for this ram)
  8. Hello everyone, I state that the first time I try a AMD cpu @ liquid nitrogen. I found some small problem and I lost a lot of time to find a preset that would then make me go on from Windows. The most annoying thing is that: Boot to the mobo under 0C° and that's bug I had to necessarily bring temperatures in the positive, and once loaded a profile to 4GHz, after i can down the temperatures and increase voltage and frequency in the operating system. Understand well, that even a single crash, involved a "thawing" of the pot and a rise in temperatures above 0 ° C. It is there by chance a few presets that allows to circumvent this elusive "cold boot" ??? Sorry for my bad english. Regards Zannema
  9. The Z77 OC Formula is still available ??? Perfectly operated ?? I would be really interested. Thank Zannema
  10. I suspected that my Gene V had problems, and today under LN2 decided to turn off without restart, tried 2 cpu, but nothing. Now I ask you, what is the best motherboard for LN2 z77 for 3570K-3770K ?? I had in mind or the Asus Maximus V Extreme or Asrock Z77 Oc Formula. What do you think ?? I would open a post on the market to ask whether the material tested and perfectly functioning. Thank you Zannema
  11. Hello, I question to ask you; today I tested a 3770K @ LN2, Maximus V Gene, but fullpot failed to go beyond 6066mhz. I tried various settings Vcore voltage (1.55 to 1.875). I was wondering if there was a specific VPLL value (optimum range) to be set (I did various tests, from 1.63V to 1.84V) no results. If anyone has any advice that I can give, I would be very grateful. I have recently again up and are firm since 2008, so excuse for my inexperience on the new CPUs Forgive my bad English. Greetings Zannema
  12. Thank George, i've sent you an e-mail
  13. Could you tell me your e-mail address so i can send you my info??
  14. Ok, could you send your info for the paypal payment on pvt?? Thanks, regards
  15. perfect, for the payment as you can agree ?? the total shipped in Italy since it would be ??
  16. I would be really interested, bracketing compatible with all current gpu right ??
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