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  1. Nice one!, I was wondering how 8GB modules OC as I got the 4x16GB kit on the same Micron IC and it can easily pass 4000 17-17-17 at stock air and 1.35V. For sure strong IMC. My best chip hits a wall at ~5300.
  2. The same settings as in my last result but now CPU was on SS. Memory on air, stock heatsink and only one fan next to it.
  3. I have no idea when it happened but I just noticed that all my 5820K results made in XTU are missing. There are still profiles in "My XTU profiles" which are automatically added after each submission but there is not a single result in the database even though results were made on 3 different motherboards and I never delete old results. Results were never reported. I have no idea if that's all, maybe something else is missing too but I just can't see it. There are too many results on my account to follow all. I've noticed that today when my friend asked about some comparison and I checked how high were my old results ... which are missing. For sure XTU on 5820K was exactly 2200. Edit: I had to enter My XTU profiles, find submission, click "analyzed", enter log, recalculate manually and now it's visible. It was not visible in the database before (benchmark, CPU list, personal results or submission browser). Maybe someone will have the same issue so I will leave this thread. http://hwbot.org/submission/2707881 Maybe not any special result anymore but when something is missing then it's weird.
  4. Today leeghoofd blocked 2 of my PCMark submissions saying "No windows 8 or later for this benchmark and your cpu. Plz check the Benchmarks rules at the front page." Afaik I can use Win8 or later OS for Futuremark benchmarks as long as I provide screenshot + FM link where is clear info that result is valid in any way ( exception can be driver ). That's what I did and still got blocked. I just made 2 quick runs on 1700X so results are not any special and I could ignore that but it's not the first time I have something blocked and I make all within rules. http://hwbot.org/submission/3487820_woomack_pcmark_vantage_ryzen_7_1700x_22089_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/3487821_woomack_pcmark_7_ryzen_7_1700x_8438_marks
  5. I bet you can push it to 3000+ Also use 1/2 memory sticks for max clock.
  6. let's say I have something but I think you have something better anyway. I guess that at the end I will have to get other 5820K So how many backups more you have ?
  7. little update from my side ... my chip has bad uncore too
  8. This result has over one year and I sold this platform after tests. I simply don't remember any settings.
  9. ~1580 was real boost. I modified BIOS to boost is higher as constant clock wasn't stable above some point. It's Gigabyte GTX960 ITX card.
  10. As you see, on my screenshot is 5.3GHz all the time. It simply had to show 5.3GHz during load as in idle it's also 5.3GHz. On the graph there is straight line showing 5.3GHz. There is also no way it would throttle as it was made on cold. With current time how long CPU-Z is loading it's not that hard to pass default time of 5min on the graph. Result isn't any special and can compare it to any other 5820K at ~5.3GHz. I said there are last couple of seconds/mins on the graphs on most screenshots. Big part of it is the same as on mine. I understand if I was hidding something, trying to cheat or if my result was the best in competition but it's just like searching for an issue here. I won't win anything here and I won't rerun it as this chip is already degrading. But really you had to remove my result which would be what ... 10th+ in the stage ? because I clicked print screen too late ?
  11. My result has been removed from the competition not because there is something really wrong or it's bugged etc but because "monitoring doesn't show load". It's because I was waiting too long to make a screenshot ... is it a reason to remove result from competition ? In rules is "XTU Monitoring MUST show the CPU frequency DURING load. Results with monitoring disabled or not shown are invalid" So it's showing CPU clock - 5.3GHz ( what is also in other window ) Monitoring isn't disabled and it's not hidden ... it just moved in time so you can't see full graph during the benchmark ... actually most results are missing most of this graph. http://hwbot.org/submission/2764707_woomack_xtu_core_i7_5820k_2121_marks
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