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  1. Now been buying 125L for 90 euros, could be a bit less like 70 but to me it doesnt matter if its 70 or 90, the distance to get it annoys more.
  2. What is astonishing is the 7.2 valid . https://hwbot.org/submission/4225551_luumi_cpu_frequency_core_i7_extreme_980x_7199.61_mhz
  3. Yes Venom should be better than F1 for sure, but T-REX will give you benefit, it was even better than my SF3D direct die.
  4. When you hit F7 with CPUz showing 7.2GHz on this monster chip from 2010 it makes your heart beat.
  5. Hyvä Joel, pistä muut maanrakoon! Joskus käy huono tuuri...
  6. Need either of the above for mem testing with haswell. If you have then PM with price. Shipping to Finland in Europe.
  7. Luumi

    Computex 2019

    Sadly work situation still doesnt allow .
  8. Well I didnt have issues with the voltage card.
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