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  1. It locks all wprime executions to realtime that's it.
  2. Found both E760 and E770 Classifieds so no need for these anymore . Thanks for notes and offers anyways to those who sent me.
  3. Looking for this old motherboard for an old project. EU preferred for shipping reasons but anyone can offer if someone has this.
  4. Video UP!!!! @GRIFF @yosarianilives @Leeghoofd @Achill3uS @subaruwrc
  5. Luumi


    Selling my latest bin 7350K which is quite decent and is one of the famous L652C batch. I could test it up to nearly 6.65ghz in Cinebench R15 on the Maximus IX Apex and cache is by far the best I have seen on any of these dual cores, went up to 6.45 ish. Never tested on air or water as I tested straight on cold. Asking for 200 euros + shipping.
  6. Luumi


    Not that strong if this is L652C batch
  7. PR should be added to HWBOT, because it is a very nice GPU only 3D benchmark atm.
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