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  1. Last board still available, not abused on cold that one.
  2. Bump for the last motherboard if someone wants.
  3. Luumi

    Old VGA's

    Do you still have GTX 480 lightning Dougy?
  4. Have to encourage him to keep up for some time longer. And we should have some new faces in the moderator team to help with the stuff as things are going forward. Stupid to have Albrecht @Leeghoofd do everything alone...
  5. Biggest thing is that we keep the website alive and get it forward. Have to appreciate Roman and Eike for all the efforts.
  6. Video up ! @TaPaKaH @chispy @Perica_barii @yosarianilives @unityofsaints
  7. Some failures with WPrime 1024M, but went quite fine overall. Can surely go below 20s in Pifast at 5.1GHz. @TaPaKaH @yosarianilives@unityofsaints @Leeghoofd
  8. Cpu pending on trade. One of the boards sold at finnish tech forum IO-TECH.fi. Bump for the last remaining board.
  9. That batch is generally good. Price I guess what satifies you.
  10. What is the batch of this CPU? I could try some for fun.
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