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  1. Delidded? Be careful about potential crack. Can't often hear it.
  2. Video up on this one as well, as HWBOT youtube thing doesn't work... @ironbrillopad
  3. Here @Matt26LFC @Leeghoofd @George_o/c @unityofsaints I wonder if Riska ran the test at 62 or 63 multi as you can see the CPUz.
  4. 3770K loves Direct die. A great wrap-up for the Ivy Bridge and delidding hysteria. Ivy Bridge tends to crack easily though as I mentioned was a huge problem before direct die. @TaPaKaH @unityofsaints @ironbrillopad
  5. Caught your eye for it from my videos?
  6. Useless to bench that nb on cold. My P5E3 Pattaya board would do 7g with just NB on air easy. An insane validation score anyways.
  7. Does anyone happen to have the OC Key firmware for the Maximus V Extreme. You can find the firmware of the Rampage 4 Extreme from asus website BUT not the M5 version. If I'm correct, the version for the Rampage 4 Extreme is and for Maximus 5 Extreme. Would help me a lot! @slamms @Leeghoofd @TerraRaptor @Smoke
  8. Damn, Stavros went there quite late. I also did one year in the green. Good run Phil!
  9. Thanks to both of you Phil and Stavros. I honestly admire your GPU and your consistency when it comes to full pot.
  10. I have spare TEK 9 FAT as well and Ryba Fat pot.
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