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  1. Yeah, ive not delid it yet.... I pushed little more on ambient and tried it on my ss and seems better then my last chip ahhaah This was no delid on my little danfose single stage, I don't think load would be that cold either will delid it later when I have ln2 Thanks man
  2. Nice mac, see you using ud3, if you can ever find Up5th or the up7 you'll like those boards
  3. Nice man, yeah I've had a couple with bad imc....don't like the 2133 strap.
  4. Yeah they are fun Mr Scott, have couple more coming, tho I've had a few bad ones like 105.5 blck Thanks guys
  5. Hey, thanks man...... yeah both PSC and BBSE...the bbse I damaged on Z97 not clearing my Samsung loaded profile before installing the bbse, tho they still seem ok on 1155 platform
  6. I think sniper has run a basic memory setting just to get all his benchmarks in, meaning not spending to much time on one benchmark. I'm sure he could run it faster if he wanted to spend time on it He may also have a way to get a little more bclk from these chip that others might not know how too....
  7. Bullant

    [FS] Gigabyte Z270 SOC Force LN2

    Would be interested in buying a z370 ln2 board if you have one them for sale