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  1. Thanks guys, I’ve not tried blck yet, also not able to get xp64 working yet...I would think xp64 and a Gtx 980ti with a 7ghz cpu would see maybe around the 250k...I have no Gtx 980ti atm otherwise would of ran it
  2. Thanks, always more in 32m...it never ends, I just don’t have time for the old gear atm....need to spend some time in z590. Haven’t even had time to test efficiency on Z590 legacy 3D yet
  3. Im not sandbagging mate,look my last result and this result both cpuz 196... i just bench it today when you beat me....I had 1 sec faster then this result 6-8-6 better waza and same cpu speed today but failing as system to wet, another day I push more....Well done on your result also, very nice
  4. Thanks guys, @ QuiekMew. Yes sorry just went of my last sub, it’s Ln2 at -125
  5. Thanks guys, should have some Ln2 next week to do full freq run.....
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