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  1. Yeah, I have no time atm to run anything between working late and 6-7 day weeks and now moving house later this month just leaves no oc time ahah. Ill prob just remove the few starter subs I placed up so it not interfere with other people places
  2. Yeah was quite hot in the room at that time ahah....4200 rpm fan help 🙂 its cooled off here now tho I've not done much oc
  3. I'm happy to show you, would even video it....pick your card and let me find the same card, same platform "even new card" you and I both run all legacy benches....we both record each bench, full run.....Then we compare our runs ? We both run CPU at locked speed, this way I can show they not just CPU benches? Im up for this....are you?
  4. Yeah hypers, I was lucky to get these from robbo when he retired, they seem to scale well on volts....
  5. Yeah mate they are quite good....still learning evey time I turn the pc on to bench myself....When I have ln2 again ill run this chip up again, it should do a least 6.4Ghz and bit better eff then this result What chips you running on your board mate?
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