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  1. Just be nice to see if board is holding it back and how much 😀
  2. Bullant

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Tested a new 965 tonight, seems better core, NB and imc then my other 6.6Ghz chips....it runs close to 940-950 mem tight and 5350 core on my SS -35c.....will run it up on ln2 later
  3. These cards really do boost in crossfire, nice job
  4. Bullant

    Notable retired overclockers

    @chew* Always liked his work
  5. Bullant

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Have a Gigabyte 870A UD3 coming to try, interesting to see how efficient it is....I'll run it up when I have it
  6. Thanks guys, if your ever in Perth Wa @unityofsaints we can bench your 955 chip 🙂
  7. Bullant

    1156 memory OC

    I wonder if 3000mhz memory is possible cl7-8, might chuck on the ek memory pot soon to see how far it can go 😁
  8. Bullant

    Notable retired overclockers

    @Gyrock @barbonenet @angoholic @dumo @Aristidis
  9. Bullant

    Notable retired overclockers

  10. Bullant

    1156 memory OC

    Yeah my couple i3 chips do 5.3 at -30, not tested water.....i know also after now testing one other board that there is a big difference in qpi scaling....my same chip can't do as high qpi as in my current board. So I'll prob look to find some other cheap boards to try
  11. Yeah I was just having joke with ya sam, yeah has so many limiting factors with blck oc. This CPU of mine is the only 540 I've tested, as not want to pay lot for them i would need to test test more with psc but dropping qpi multi down one and pushing memory along with qpi to say 5000-5300 again more blck 5600-6000ghz CPU would fly, along with the nb freq boost....given it's good CPU along with it plays nice on cold PSc.Ive not tested psc on the 540 tho