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  1. Nice sniper, just finally found one of these cards myself.
  2. Bullant

    WTB Binned B-Die

    Hi, thanks for offer ....I’ll wait and see if any better bin offers available, will message you if I don’t find something thanks
  3. Bullant

    WTB Binned B-Die

    Hey, Thought I try here before buying a Galax kit.......looking binned kit of B-Die, 12-11-11 tight 4133-4200 32m waza......
  4. Yeah that would be nice, bought another i7 870 from eBay last week, when it arrived it was a i5 650....message the seller he says sorry and said he resend the correct cpu β€œi7 870”. Well it arrived and it was a i7 860 ahah, I gave up 😩
  5. Nice work Karta, sub 6 on the way πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Your twr5 looks too tight I only ran β€œ10” man, it could be possible that timing could effect things being so tight
  7. Improvements are always good, the Z97 OC Formula is awesome board. Well done.....keep pushing it
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