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  1. I haven't spent much time on it really, being a new platform for me too, when I have little more time I'm sure I'll get it working, either setfsb, raising multi only within windows with correct easytune. with 9900k and z390 launch I'm pretty keen to try that atm so not sure when I'll get time on 1366 and all the other legacy platforms I have atm ahah
  2. Thanks chilli mate thanks also pointing out Rusty or is it ground1556 ? Your name comes up different twice ahah
  3. With the easytune I'm using it wouldn't allow me to adjust multi within window, 255 blck was its limit...when trying 256 blck it would lockup even when booting higher blck to windows when I try again I can look for a new easytune or something to see if can move multi within windows the other thing I can do next time is boot 22x multi and 251 blck and then blck to 255 this way the multi should stay at 22x, I think the multi is only downclocking after 5 blck adjustment within windows
  4. Yes man it's what is happening, I was booting with 22 multi, 245-250 blck then up to 255 within windows....it was down clocking to multi 21x after blck adjustment. I thought it it was just the platform or system, so you think even tho CPUz has downclock 21x from bug that the multi is still 22x? If true that would make core 5.5xx.? The result is legit it just is possible as you say that it could still be 22x multi that would make it higher freq then cpuz is reporting
  5. It's all that was need at the time man, if ran at 7ghz CPU it could see close to 200k....I'll try with new platform when I have it
  6. Nice job Suzuki, I'll join in once I have the gear.... The only one I've seen around is from "pro" 8m 36.5xx he's at 47xx nb I think
  7. Hey mate, didn't see you posted, thanks for the tip, I'll let you know how I go thanks
  8. Hey Nox, you tried putting a USB header on the bottom of the ocf board and running USB from thier ? Or the pcie USB thing in the gpu slot we use on z270 onwards for w7-xp? The impact is little different board, I've not really had enough time on it to suggest something.Your best bet is Sam or Alex I've been looking locally for a cheap impact to try myself
  9. Bullant

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Was testing PSC other night on 1090t a fail run on loop 5.... the couple runs I tried.The cpu was -50 and memory -30, memory will tighten up more but seems imc related issue on the freq side. Given little more time should improve, will try more cpus and boards as I find them within my budget ahahah
  10. Thanks man, I try more core even with lower NB and lower memory freq but just can't do much more. Had few more faster runs 6.060 core and 37xx NB but keep failing loop 15-21 I have one more x2 555 to try cold but it was worse then this one in testing water lol, Will try 1090t tonight Lol thanks man, you know I love 32m ahah I waiting on 9900k and new boards to be available then 3D legacy Thanks Scott, glad to be part of the team, very nice bunch of guys thanks for having me Thanks for the kind words man, I also highly respect your 32m too, yeah I've spent last couple weeks working on eff, with OS, waza and timings.....it's been fun learning this amd stuff. Its funny how so different each chip is, imc, CPU freq , NB and cores I have a 990fx ud3 coming that I'll try soon, see if eff is ok or worse....will post up results with it when I get it