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  1. More 4Ghz on the 2500K and UP7,more memory freq...should see little more once I sort this OS out
  2. Bullant

    [FS] whatever is left of my best PSC

    Some nice mem and results Sam, sad to see you not posting anymore memory results as yours results are always great
  3. Thanks man, your pi result was great too.... you made me work for this one ahah
  4. If your talking 32m on say ddr3, is no cbb or cb... on PSC pi gskill kits I've tested. I normally see trcd drop by 1 with each -40c drop, so say 7-11-7 at 2600mhz -20 .....7-10-7 at 2600 -60....7-9-7 at 2600 -100 . Also at -60 cl6 might be able to boot as well with trcd 10.....when trying to push mem freq keep tras little loose, if ok then start to tighten,same with Trfc.This goes same with 3rds, I see sometimes people tighten things to much that can restrict mem freq It all does vary a little depending on platform and mem, temp. Most importantly cold mem is insulation, setup and don't go to cold to soon, like try -60 for awhile dialling in, then say try -100.If your insulation and setup is good you can bench for 3-4 hours......If you have moisture "water" dripping into memory slots then setup is wrong
  5. Some more lynnfield, 870
  6. Some 4G lynnfield on i5 760 tonight....