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  1. Don't GS - I could not even get them stable at 3400MHz mate. Relaxed timings, even had the voltage up to 1.5 but no joy. Same bloody DDR4 that we used at Cambridge (don't think you made that event) what was it three or four years ago. Just pleased that I got dual channel to work. The fist set of DDR4 ram I played with, were original DDR4 and could only get one stick working at a time. LOL Good to see how well you have done mate. Very pleased too see you kicking butt and taking names in the benching scene.
  2. I am too afraid of your hat George. It scares me. And thanks for the thought, you never know I may just be back for a bit of fun.
  3. Well done my friend, and things are never smooth but that is not important. What is important is that you were able to translate all those hours of work and effort into a meaningful result. Congratulations.
  4. Lets see how long it takes meankeys and menthol to challenge you at the pinnacle.
  5. TeamGB is here for all UK bencher's mate, and regardless where the motherboard came from you still have to do the business where and when it matter. Chapeau
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