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  1. GRIFF

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    in any case this year the organization better than last year. I really liked the fact that submissions were moderated almost in real time. this allowed me to rebench in time. In ddr1 the photo I did but not attached and I did not notice.
  2. GRIFF

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    If you need help checking for other results I'm here and I can help. Without detailed verification the results of the competition are questionable. I personally do not have any with anyone, but I am against injustice towards our team only.
  3. GRIFF

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    I state: I'm not check all submissions. only those with special requests. https://hwbot.org/submission/3930993_12ax7_3dmark___fire_strike_uhd_graphics_630_(mobile)_1007_marks - missing futuremark validation link https://hwbot.org/submission/3936840_martin_white_3dmark___fire_strike_hd_graphics_530_1283_marks - missing futuremark validation link https://hwbot.org/submission/3971197_antoniskots_3dmark11___extreme_radeon_r9_290_6082_marks - missing futuremark validation link SC1: DDR1 - Memory Frequency, subs without picture of the used modules https://hwbot.org/submission/3961270_ - my score for comparison http://hwbot.org/submission/3971193_ - this sub of Gigioracing is 100% ok but removed, why? https://hwbot.org/submission/3933995_martin_white_memory_frequency_ddr_sd_ram_201_mhz http://hwbot.org/submission/3970537 http://hwbot.org/submission/3922466 If these results are ok, please also restore mine. That of @gigioracing must be restored regardless of why it has everything required.
  4. GRIFF

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    @Leeghoofd Since some members of our team have created another team after the end of the Team Cup, in the CUP the ranking of the various rounds has changed. In previous competitions it never happened or at least I do not remember it. Also I saw that there are some scores that do not respect the rules of the competition like my ddr1 max freq .. You are still checking, right?