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  1. Considered only soft voltmod at 1.54V and small aluminium pot on gpu, yes.
  2. Compliments for all and expecialy for Macsbeach for great work.
  3. GRIFF

    DDR1/2/3/4 Subzero: Max. MHz basics

    Checked without sensor but for me around -150
  4. GRIFF

    DDR1/2/3/4 Subzero: Max. MHz basics

    Hi guys. My BH-5 in action on LN2)))
  5. Strong score, you have very nice newark. Frequency on stock cooling for vga?
  6. Congratulations for all partecipants. Much respect for the results of Tagg at wprime (very strong efficiency) and Macsbeach at 3D Mark 01 (nice vga freq. You provide voltmods?)
  7. Thank you. Congrats for you strong efficiency at wprime.
  8. Impressive score Wytiwx. Wy only 1.8V, for CB? My item have CB at -130, no CBB on this temp.
  9. If I repeat my result at the spi 1m with SS, we end this discussion? I'll give you a video from the mounting of the cpu at the shutdown. OK? If you need more proof: welcome to Italy in my lab))))))
  10. If you see the competition result Mr.Scott made 998mhz on air. I only did Vcore mod on the motherboard, but for me for 120mhz fsb motherboards with VIA chipset not needed any modifications. Furthermore my board did not have timing CL2 into bios.
  11. Please watch all my videos and photos posted, and you will get all the answers. Before this competition: - WR of frequency of the Pentium MMX was 360mhz now 375mhz of the Mendocino was 853mhz now 940mhz. I am simply well prepared for this competition. PS: I can also redo my scores but I steal time to dedicate to round in progress.