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  1. There is still no limit to this ram and card. Onisa left me for the experiments.
  2. Hello to all. At the request of @ground1556 I open the discussion regarding an extraordinary lga771 motherboard. for now I don't know if the card that brought me Onisa is special or we were lucky to have a particular HW combination. 1. Card used for CC has no modification 2.Only with one type of ram rises so much in frequency 3.Cpucool allows you to go up more from windows than setfsb. 4. Card reaches 515mhz with air on NB. 5.I had to use socket 2 because socket 1 is not working for the moment. CPU remains cold. I have not deepened. 6.Bank RAM used with the cascade reaches 490mhz of air validated, the best bank reaches 503 on air and not checked with extreme cooling. Wrote what I remembered. When I return to Italy, I certainly continue experimenting with this fantastic card.
  3. Hi guys. The problem of this boards is SB in many cases. If you have possibility check the temp of SB during tests without heatsink.
  4. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/42539074 and this not work, show this message: The result is hidden and will not be shown for example on leaderboards or search.
  5. For this result we have heard the worst ram bank that does air validation at 490mhz. This is done so as not to risk killing the best bank. Unfortunately, this card has a broken CPU1 socket. I'll try to fix and get a couple of quadcore xeons. It would be nice to see two quad 5ghz cores))))
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