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  1. I'm not a last-second maniac. I don't think I will do the score again. Unfortunately cpu only goes in single channel. Thanks to Ale Belo for optimizations and tips.
  2. Grest score buy you need differenti cpu and proper modified motherboard.
  3. Overclocking is not dead and will never die until we are there. If I don't put my hands on a motherboard or a VGA I don't have the taste to pull it. Buying a 1000 euro card that knows how to do OC alone is not for me. Precisely for this reason I use old HW and I care little about the new one.
  4. Please add motherboard Soltek SL-54U5 rev.G https://valid.x86.fr/kkz7zz
  5. wrong request. cancel this post please.
  6. Yes. I'm use XOC mode of CPU-Z because version 1.90.0 freeze the system with nolmal mode. 1.89.1 work fine. Of you Need I can made VALID file with older vertion. PS. I was thinking of making a video too.
  7. Nice score. Congratulations. Motherboard or cpu grave BSEL mod?
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