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  1. Thank you guys. For me this board hit 400mhz with NB on air cooling.
  2. Hi Max. need much more. use pci vga. Set vga voltage at max on bios 1.8V.
  3. Already. Like that of @Kotori for Slot A This could be the answer.
  4. Goodmorning everyone. I wanted to share this binning result of 7 CPUs. The lucky one makes 10 minutes of memtest at 780 mhz with 2.5V and -96 on the evaporator. Post at 810 but no memtest. Also ask some questions to those with more specific experience: @Gumanoid told me that his CPUs have CB at around -40 degrees. What are the numbers of your experience? ki
  5. @TAGG Strange this problem. I am unfamiliar with s462. But as he told you, Ivan can be a bios problem or even a socket problem (you can check it by opening it). First I would opt to change bios chips. @I.nfraR.ed Is it possible to have your bios? I can't get the NF7 above 235mhz. But I think because I haven't spent enough time.
  6. My delid tool)))) Congratulations man. Great work. Attempt for Biostar ;)
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