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  1. Danke Ich wäre gerne wieder zurück, aber auch dieses Jahr werde ich leider keine Zeit für nen LN2 Termin finden. :( Dabei wäre das genau meine Stage gewesen ^^ Und ich hätte auch echt mal wieder Lust mit euch ein paar Kannen LN2 zu verballern :D Ich hoffe das ergibt sich bald mal wieder...
  2. For the Math-Stage: does an AM2 CPU on an AM2+ mainboard count as AM2 or as AM2+ result?
  3. i´d like a cpu-frequency fullout. therefor a cheap pentium 4 can be as strong as an 10900k. lots of LN2-fun for small money maybe best 5 in different nm, so you can´t only use skylakes like 6700k, 7700k, 8700k, 9700 and 10700k, but have to use for exsample a 14nm cpu, 32 nm cpu, a 45 nm cpu, a 65 nm cpu...?
  4. but way cheaper than only one 10900k/3950X i hope for some old school stuff like super pi and 3DM 01. And old school hardware like DX9 crossfire and sli... cheap but not to easy.
  5. A Happy New Year to everyone! Congrats to Australia for winning the CC (same procedure as every year ?). And thanks to Italy for the hard battle! Great work! ?
  6. @mickulty: the problem is not, that i would prefer legacy pci-e hardware, the problem is, modern GPU´s make way more points so the results of legacy GPU nearly does make no difference. the relation is disproportunal. if our team had a very good 2080Ti i could run my 3850 easily @ stock to beat macsbeach98´s team (btw very nice work macsbeach98). that´s a pity to me... just my two cents worth...
  7. it´s a pity stage 8 is not legacy because one good 2080Ti is more worth then all other results together. i´d limit the stage for example to gpu up to DX10 or more than 10 years old
  8. maybe it was an idea to establish leadingpoints for each day your team is in top 3, 3 leadingpoints for 1st place, 2 lp for second, 1 lp for third. to win the title or get a rostrum-place your team need to have at least x lp. does your team not have enough lp, it´s maximum rated 4th. so you can bench the whole time without any ristrictions but have to fight the whole time for a leading place to earn the needed lp. maybe the leadingpoints should be given for top 5 ot top 10, else a top team could fall through because most time of the cup other topteams hold the top 3 places and the best team faid to earn enough lp... this idea needs to be elaborated, but i think it has potential...
  9. that and changing background allways on wendsday no trouble with bigger benchsessions...
  10. the problem is not the download, the problem is to use accidentally the wrong background because you forgot to change the background at midnight or you forgot to upload one result at that day/before midnight and the next day it´s no longer valid... i have no problem with changing the background, but not at weekend or the day before or after. bigger sessions with extreme-cooling take place at weekends and on such sessions the risk for forgetting to change the background within the benchsession is to big. thats no matter of sandbagging. i don´t like sandbagging, too. but it might be very annoying to do all that work and pay hundrets of euros for LN2 and stuff and then everything was for nothing because of such a nothingness.
  11. not friday please, we will start to bench on friday! ? that might be the solution ;)
  12. would be much better. so we will have no problems during the weekend while benching with LN2. maybe the old background could be valid including the 10th and on 11th, 0.00 am the new one will be valid?
  13. same here. we´ll do a LN2-benchsession that weekend. what if we bench on 8th in the night and uploading the result lasts till the 9th? what´s about a period of transition? or you give us the new background a few days before so we can bench and upload later... in that case it would be save to us.
  14. wie heißt es doch so schön: die gerüchte über meinen tod halte ich doch für ziemlich übertrieben ?
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