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  1. Please delete https://hwbot.org/submission/4899487_ For the wrong input
  2. aha.. the lottery no wp? do we need also to become member + post in sf3d?
  3. actualy 4 of 'em. just explain what were the term of unlocking idea + an example. i have reported 3 cores of b55 can not submit to 3x stage. and have not see a rig w/ 4 socket. sorry for misunderstood. btw, what if ucc/acc on without extra core/s activated? the name is pII x4 b55 but the cores remain 2x. fyi the engine not recognize b55 + any other unlocked cpus
  4. yes but i was submit for 2x . just confused about the rule (unlock.. unlock... unlock, just figure out what is that ) ok then. the 3dmark06 is so much cpu bound, i know by now
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