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  1. not bad at all for these C2 stepping 550 , and that's a crazy cpu-nb ! but you may need to look for c3 models ..
  2. Nice , hope to see some benching results on this mobo .. Any good run ?
  3. To do more HTT on DDR3 , for stabilize the IMC , try crazy voltage on memory. in my case it needed 2.4v for 490Mhz HTT
  4. Nicely done ;but no way to do high HTT on DDR3 Unganged , that's the problem !
  5. Great resault , when you play with that biggy, its just about one WR per generation !! back in days there was a room to get excited with XOC or even OC but now it's just looks like a little game and going to mean nothing!! ; that's how things works and where they goes when you care too much about.you will lost them , destroy them then you will go for the next one!! this is what we are doing always.but,should we call it BAD ?! i'm not sure ..
  6. thank you , can't find mobo on database.no problem on wprime submit , but here
  7. Nice chip , Great run , Well done , Is the CPU-NB maximum around 2Ghz for these chips ?
  8. ohoom , when night comes and nothing's changed and the world outside plays the same old game just call on me and I will ease it. don't be afraid.i will be there..
  9. sorry , but i'm wating for respond .
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