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  1. Sorry, I had a difficult time locating your question after receiving an email that you had asked about what cooling. The link in the email leads to a dead web page with the 404 error, so I did not know how to find it. Because the submission was made with Benchmate it doesn't have all of the blanks filled in like a manual submission would. I use chilled water for benching. I also run bare die.
  2. I'd be glad to see nothing ever change with pre-existing benchmarks and rules. When rules stay the same you can get an apple-to-apples comparison generation after generation. If we're going to change stuff, let's change it all back the way it used to be. No seasons, no sliding scales, points is points, is points, the highest score wins. I see and like the thought behind requiring all cores and HT be enabled. That is a better way and ideally it would have been like that from the start. I don't use my computers with cores disabled or HT disabled. I bench my systems the way I use them. I th
  3. Actually, the latest Catzilla update is not very glitchy at all. It runs great. On top of that it is entertaining, so there is a plus. It actually pulls more watts from my 3090 Kingpin GPU than any other 3D benchmark. It used to be as buggy as hell, so I know why you are saying that. Truth be told, the garbage UL/Futuremark is putting out is about a buggy as anything. There is constantly something goofed up with their junk DLC in the 3DMark suite. VR Mark has never been updated and most of the time it completes successfully with no score, exits to the desktop with no useful information whatso
  4. Can anyone provide a link to Wahaha?
  5. The competition needs to be "without Benchmate" until the free version of Benchmate has is included. People shouldn't have to make donations in order to participate in benching.
  6. Thank you, sir. Going to give it a run on my new Z490 Dark K|INGP|N mobo.
  7. I haven't been able to find any 16GB x 2 kits in 4400+, so I will just stick with the excellent 8GB x 2 sticks I have now. There is so little water in most closed loops systems I think it heats up and normalizes fast as well. My system holds nearly a gallon and I have two 270mm reservoirs, three D5 pumps and a MO-RA 360 (360x360) radiator with 18 fans. It would eventually heat up when I was running the 7980XE with 5.2GHz all day, but it took a very long time. So far with the little 10900KF CPU I haven't really seen an increase in the water temperature, even after running it all day. It
  8. The chiller cools this 10900KF like nobody's business. But, I don't actually need it except when I am pushing the CPU to the edge. Even running Cinebench R20 at 5.3GHz and no AVX offset and more than 1.500V the core max is around 75°C. But, I also have an exceptional cooling system without counting the chiller, so I doubt the temps would be even close to what they are if I were using a common 240/360 AIO like many people are using.
  9. Mine is 63 Edit: Seems that 63 is the norm. Yours being slightly better that the run-of-the-mill 10900K/KF.
  10. I may if I can get it in 16GB x 2. This 8GB x 2 kit is doing well for me at the moment running at 4600, but I'd like to be back at 32GB again.
  11. I had a couple of 32GB 4000MHz quad channel kits from my X299 Dark that I wanted to use, but I should have known better. Wishful thinking I suppose. So, I'm living with 16GB at 4600 instead.
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