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  1. Why it should be documented? Who will be interested in that video except small group of people ) It would be a great idea but it can make achieving any record more complicated than it is now. Maybe it's an appropriate for manufacturers more that for individual overclockers. And btw I thought hwbot database, screenshots, validation files they all are kind of documents for community.
  2. Sorry I thought guys mentioned another Carl, my mistake, misreading, I've read this: as that So that's why I've thought there is one more Karl.
  3. But it would be great, I mean achieve something in IT industry now only as overclocker. Anyway as far as I understood from my own experience nobody cares about your hwpoints or current position in any league except you. So here everybody knows who is Sam even without points. But outside of community nobody ) P.S. Sorry it might be stupid from me, but who is Karl?
  4. Bump fot Flukes cheaper than on e-bay
  5. Payment received, package has been sent
  6. MaJ0r


    It's interesting, why he doesn't try to explain situation, because when you don't want to tell people what is really going on they start thinking that he is cheating with them. And this situation can destroy his reputation.
  7. Up for sale 4 brand new GPU pots Tek 9 Slim rev. 7.0 with brackets. All these pots are never used and go with all brackets and mounting stuff Price 125 $ per each item Economy shipping will cost you about 20-25 $ per one pot, so you can save 90+$ on one item if you buy my pot For all four pots there is special price = 450$, it's almost twice cheaper than on official website. I can accept Western Union or Bank transfer(SWIFT) Items are located in Ukraine. Selling as is, no warranty.
  8. For sale two used e-powers: E-power 1.0 - 80$ because it's rare E-power 2.0 - 50$ +shipping. Open for offers. I can accept Western Union or Bank transfer(SWIFT) Items are located in Ukraine, economy shipping (8 dollars per item, two together 10 dollars). Selling as is, no warranty.
  9. Selling following items: 1. Fluke 52 II with 2 thermocouples -110$ used + shipping 2. Fluke 51 I with 1 thermocouple- 70 $ used + shipping 3. Fluke 52 II with 2 thermocouples -110 $ used + shipping 4. Kingpincooling Thermocouple Type K probe 10$ each (there're 4 of them) new + shipping 30$ for all I can accept Western Union or Bank transfer(SWIFT) Open for offers. If somebody willing to buy all this stuff let me know about that, I'll reduce prices. Items are located in Ukraine, economy shipping . Selling as is, no warranty.
  10. The new price is 230 USD, still shipped everywhere.
  11. You're happy man ) I saw prices here and they were high, tried to buy something from Pi-series in Ukraine, haven't found anything for 2 years. PCB is KO-8117.
  12. Hi Strat, it's low price. I mean 160 dollars, I haven't seen any Pi kit, especially DDR3 2000 cl6 for 80 USD.
  13. Bump for awesome memory! I need some money please save me from having this kit ))
  14. Nice discussion is here ) Price drop again, 260 USD
  15. So why did you offer then? You can buy good memory which can run 2800 5-9-6 whatever you want for almost free. No need to have a trades with me.
  16. I didn't test this memory well, I've just set AsRock profile for 2600 or 2666MHz, don't remember exactly and tried to find max frequency with main timings and wcl, and it was Z87 board, not z97. If I have possibility to restes this memory I would do, but I have only z77 with 3570k. And this cpu doesn't like psc at 2600 or higher. for 2400 AsRock profile Vdimm is a bit lower than 1.65V, websmile said to me that it is good.
  17. Finally found on my old bench hdd one screenshot 1361 8-12-8 wcl6 Since I can prove only this speed for now please consider this result as max on air on Z87C OC Formula with this memory.
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