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  1. Found some about this memory on my Facebook page 1350 8-12-8 1.93 wcl7 subs aren't tight 1333 8-12-8 wcl7 2000Pi+2200Pi As far as I remember it was pretest and sticks weren't pushed to the max. But until xtremelabs forum isn't working these screenshots are best than nothing.
  2. Will sell my G.Skill Pi sticks: Three from triple kit G.Skill F3-16000CL6T-6GPID (DDR3 2000 6-9-6-24 1.65V) and one F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS (DDR3 2200 7-10-10-28 1.65V) all stick can pass Super Pi 32M 1350(2700)MHz in pair on air, best two 1360-1370(loose subs) 8-12-8 wcl6 with high Vdimm ~1.94-1.95 Tested only on Z87 motherboard, so they most likely can do more on Z97 Selling all four sticks together. Price is 230 USD shipped everywhere. Can prove my words with screenshots if cyclone fixes our xtremelabs forum http://forums.xtremelabs.org/ Can't retest for now because I don't have any Z87/97 motherboard and CPU for it. I can accept Western Union or Bank transfer(SWIFT)
  3. This sounds better for sure :celebration:
  4. Take care of yourself bro, and forget about global points, they cost nothing, skill cost everything. I hope you change your mind and start benching again.
  5. Great board still for sale.
  6. Money arrived VGA has been sent. Thanks for space hwbot.
  7. Money arrived VGA has been sent. Thanks for space hwbot.
  8. Hi. Sadly I don't have box and any accessories. Shipping will be about 15 -20 dollars(depends how good I'll pack VGA) PayPal in Ukraine doesn't work for receiveng money. So only Western Union and bank transfers are available.
  9. Bump for awesome motherboard!
  10. I decided to review price for this board. The new price is 150 $ + shipping.
  11. Price drop, 180 dollars + shipping
  12. For sale awesome VGA Gigabyte GV-N26SO-896I, never seen cold, worked in home PC http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3183#ov VGA only. Price 45$ + shipping. As usually I prefer Western Union money transfer but bank transfer also possible. All transfer fees on buyer.
  13. 190 dollars + shipping!
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