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  1. Here is my original screenshot for stage five, if Massmant ment that it has poor quality. All other stages have backgrounds and all tabs are opened.
  2. Bump for very rare VGA!
  3. Finally, that's awesome. So topic can be closed. Thanks for space hwbot.
  4. You haven't asked me, but I think previous was better because it was exclusive, new one(I mean x-type) is everywhere IMHO.
  5. look forward to final result and croosed my fingers :ws:
  6. Seems than worse GPU you have than easy you can reach the score. I killed about three days tryed to get 1938 with GTX750, downclocked to the low limit everything(g3258, memory, VGA) and even saw artifacts and had troube with stability of system. But get proper score with VGA at stock frequencies without any issues, just started time by time catzilla.
  7. that what I thought. For 108 dollars I'll keep this board for myself because it cost more in Ukraine, on ebay(except that cause when seller sold 20+ boards for 109 USD) and every where. My price including shipping which originally cost about 30 dollars. So 108 - 30 = 78. If somebody ready to sell REX to me for 78 dollars I'll buy one more :celebration:
  8. For sale old 3d king, MSI GTX580 Lightning. goes with box, never seen cold. Works well, good condition Price 180$ + shipping. I may accept Western Union transfer or bank transfer. WU is prefferable.
  9. I'm not giving up. Just dissapointed of that fact that this stage is doable. I mean matching with score. I found super pi stage most interesting from others because nobody hit exactly the same score and nobody knew till the end of stage whether somebody managed to get 570ms or not
  10. I've noticed big difference in scores between each runs, hard to match with 1938 as for me.
  11. Did anybody manage to get exactly 1938 points? If no, how close are you?
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