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  1. you are already doing a lot with the few means available. thanks guys
  2. i have the same problem with MSI z490 ACE before i couldn't do sli with gtx 1080 I had to install all the nvidia drivers package
  3. they have made me a lot of complaints in the past because the photo of the system was missing. let's just remove the rule
  4. Overclocker League 2020 Enthusiast Novice Rookie have to put the photo of the cooling system
  5. read the general rules. you absolutely must put a picture of your system.
  6. read the rules please. you need to put the photo of your cooling system
  7. Warning! You need to attach at least one picture of your system if you want to receive points in the enthusiast league, as the crew needs to be able to verify you are not using extreme cooling.
  8. why are my points not credited?
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