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  1. It's actually a G41M-P34 but you don't have it listed in the hardware...
  2. This was the one that got me serious. I didn't know back then about RAM timings...I probably could have gone higher.
  3. what are you making it up as you go? I saw this earlier and there were no other stats except for CPU. Now you have MB and RAM? 11 hrs later...lol!
  4. Word. I always sumbit with all my CPU-Z shots...I been out but I'm in this one.
  5. Lol...I'm cool today that just really got under my skin...
  6. Oh I still got the CPU in the board...get 5.3Ghz on air then talk to me dude... Quad vs. Hex???? Where's your mind son...you may be 2nd out of 29...I'm 10th out of 910 for what? I'll go get it out of my closet and make pics of my BIOS setup for you tomorrow... How you think I got this... https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/72595_10151517381318573_1216321059_n.jpg I had it won on H20...winner took 3 days to setup Ln2...I still got 4th on my daily PC. So don't start anything you can't finish just to best anyone...it's about maxxing your hardware and gettin your score...YOUR score.

    Oh Ho Ho!

    Why all these guys coming after score I had a year ago trying to report me? Lmao...it's not fair for me to have to make videos of all my submissions for these clowns. anti-T-kom...you need one of my cups? C'mon dude I'm straight up.
  8. oh i see now...lol I'll put my 2550k rig back together tonight for the L_O_L Z
  9. If you want to "legacy" benches...that's fine but you can't take points that have been earned.
  10. Dimm 3 on the motherboard has died...time to re-up. Any suggestions on a good LGA2011 board?
  11. I'll get one tonight...my bad been real busy
  12. Please add this videocard series HD 4660 PCIE 2.0 1GB DDR2
  13. Good job everyone good to be back on the grind! I'll wait for the next non extreme cooling event, seems nobody can overclock and win without it. I still got 4th on my everyday so I can't complain.
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