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  1. I will attach extra cooler to this set! Off course it's steal don't have mounting holes...
  2. I have Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force LN2 - brand new rare version of the best motherboard for Haswell and Devils Canyon from Gigabyte! Never used, full box - all parts in. Price 180€ + shipping
  3. PM send. This time I hope so that I was first.
  4. How much do producers of processors and microchips gain from Overclocking? I know it's a fantastic hobby, fun for us. For producers it's marketing, factory OC, XMP etc. but at planning or production stage? Maybe it's a strange question, but I'm wondering how OC could help a small company that produces microchips for mobile devices like phones or tablets.
  5. If can I ask, why everybody are using 290X and nobody 780Ti? Sky Diver is not so popular like Fire Strike, but in Fire Strike 780ti is much better then 290X.
  6. Any vendor of graphic cards allowed? And what with multi GPU?
  7. If I good understand this 8 lucky guys must organize fly and hotel for self?
  8. Was so close, but I can't get better score at XTU. I can't figure it out. Good job Paulie.
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