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  1. Darn! Saw a 3870x2 for cheap and hoped it would work for this.
  2. Well, I'm not too into Intel and I'd need to buy overpriced junk to win, so you guys go and battle it out. I hope to come back next time and kick some butt!
  3. WOW! How did you get the bus speed SO high? Mine tops out at around 292 MHz.
  4. Very nice! Same board as I. How did you get your bus speed so high? Mine normally tops out around 270.
  5. Not sure how I can tell what BIOS I have currently. Any way how? Yeah, its DDR2/
  6. Pulled this board out of the closet to do some submissions on HWBot. I put the AMD Athlon 7750+ BE CPU in it, by the way. But first, the board will only boot into Windows stable at 235 MHz on the CPU/HTT speed. I tried to see if there was a way to lower the HTT multiplier, but I could not find the option in the BIOS for it. Anyone know what it could be called? Next, if I were to raise the CPU multiplier, it will not show in Windows or act like it even was changed, even all the options I can find are set to manual. Anyone have any ideas on whats happening?
  7. I'll be here! Just need some good SDRAM, CPU, and board and I'm set for this round!
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