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  1. 9 hours ago, der8auer said:

    I guess eventually it might make more sense to split globals in few categories such as Mobile, Desktop, High End Desktop and Server similar to what Rauf already suggested. I'm very open to such solutions but as I already pointed out we will need quite a lot of time to make this happen.

    Regarding AMD FX I have no problem changing this to 4 Cores if this makes the community happy. Probably won't change anything tho?

    There was a lawsuit that decided that there is no official definition for a core, so AMD could market it as 8 cores even if it shares resources in pairs. IMO just list it as AMD marketed it.

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  2. 10 hours ago, shar00750 said:

    Excellent work bro👌 no other bench?

    10 hours ago, TaPaKaH said:

    pi golds when?

    4 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

    Sweet silver. Waiting 32m from you!

    Was only aiming for FSB this time, getting 1T or even 2:3 working is a lot of effort especially for 32M (don't forget all the tedious register editing either for effi). Maybe next time, but no guarantees.


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  3. 'Cause I'm just a sucka for cold PSC here's some more.

    One stick from the last 1600C7 set and the other from a new 1600C7 kit I got. Better for C6 freq, but worse on RCD so couldn't try 2750 6-9-6 like I wanted. So instead I was at much higher freq with RCD10 (that kills effi even with 3/4 IOLs), also check out that high RAS. :/ Therefore still no bunnyextraction 16s. D;



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