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  1. don't have time to read the entire topic just some quick input: performance is noticably affected when XTU runs in the backround - ~1k points on the Pentium during 05 and almost a minute in low-clocked Pi check your baseclock after using XTU - on my SOC even it says 100 in the bios, it will apply the last setting from XTU sometimes (even it shouldn't autostart)...maybe related to full reset, didn't investigate further. think the multiplier switch doesn't work due to special things on the SOC, need to check specs for compatibility in the other topic. maybe a "compatibility list" would be cool. It's a nice little tool all in all - serves pretty well in many situations and hope the improvements continue over time. Monitoring features etc. working good - I think AIDA32/Everest/Realtemp and many more old tools have opend an anonymous depression circle already
  2. Del, Del, Del, Del, Del, Del...
  3. Yay! Hope Germany will team-up quickly and sort out all the stages! New competition site is still very confusing / no overview on one page to me - the news pointed out better what is needed in every stage than the entire "e-oc-blabla page". But it will be madness and massive fun - guaranteed!
  4. GPU should be fine, then it's just about the CPU clock and quite a bit of luck.
  5. Yeah that 275 really is a nasty score Can't believe how hard it is to match the score - 10 hours of re-running today...
  6. You really know how to cheer me up bro' €: At least my Twitter Account keeps loggin in and I can spam the forum with 2 identities (which is nice, so...)
  7. Yes - it's a bit slower on the edge...hopefully I will get GTX 980 this week and maybe remove the dust from my old cascade Maybe some DICE to make sure I can run CPU 5.5+ - CPU power helps a lot in DX9 with these type of cards...
  8. The real bad thing - I didn't saved that 30255 on sunday because I thought "ok I'll just nail it monday... After relooping almost entire monday -> fufufufufuffufufufuffu ^^ Had one 30275, first mixed the last digits, party on - then realized - that's not the score... €: darn I really need to fix that login -.-
  9. is it just me or does 05 gives a hard time matching a certain score?...it's soooooo random I had +2 and -2 already but next run --> +/- 100 points....well there is still some time left so re-run, re-run, re-run... @Massman don't blame the server, according to what I know from servers, dbs and stuff this lag is caused by all the other multiple submissions not just the one sending it (server actually doesn't care where the data comes from, it just reserves IDs and starts to handle them first-in, first-out!).. my first result in stage 1 took 38 seconds to be accepted because there have been like 20-40 results in queue from others...I only sended one single result and it lagged like never before...If everybody only submits one result -> less/no lag -> no problem
  10. Your number of accounts?
  11. G3258 - L419B694 - fresh Hope to get a GB Board today for the target challenge and then we can start testing
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