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  1. Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I was wanting to do the 0.95V rail mod to my Ref 290X but it seems that finding a picture for modded Ref cards is kind of hard to find. And the picture in the OP of this thread isnt working for me. If anyone could post a picture of a Ref 290X with the 0.95V rail mod or even a link to one, it would really help me out!
  2. I was helped by many bro. Splave, mllrkllr88, GTIJason, BigBlock990, Nox, TAGG, Sunny. The whole lot of em has helped me. I just do whatever I can to help other benchers bench. Just like they did for me. The more that you work at it the better you will get!! Plus that was a top 25 score. Killer results man. You're on the first page of the 7700K!!
  3. I'm glad I was able to help you out! Great work bro!!
  4. Thanks for the fair prices bro. I need to look for your sales more often!!
  5. Nice work man!! You word just as hard as the MOCF does. Lol
  6. Yea I noticed that. Lol But as long as there is some form of points given for the bench it's all good. I know that some folks out there don't bench on an active team, so it useless for them. However, for those who bench with an active team, it will help that team out for sure.
  7. Having quicker runs on the older hardware is going to save a lot of time. As well as increase the sub numbers for GPUPI for CPU v3.3. So hopefully we will see the point value increase. That would be a good thing for the old school benchers out there. Nice call Leeg
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