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  1. Also CSM support has to be disabled inorder to run XP on Tachyon.
  2. How did you use the acpi.sys file? It needs to be dropped in Windows>System32>Drivers folder and overwrite the existing acpi.sys file in the drivers folder. The neat thing about this is that XP can be used on Intel SATA ports instead of ASMedia ports. If you are having trouble. Take an existing XP install (like for Z490, Z370, ect) and connect it to a PC via a SATA to USB cable (I've heard this is a must) and drop the acpi.sys file into the drivers folder.
  3. Leave AVX offset on auto. Disable "Frequency Clipping TVB" in the Advanced CPU Setting tab. If you would still like to use the an AVX offset, you can with "Frequency Clipping TVB" disable.
  4. Here ya go bro! sorry for the late response. Z590AORUSTACHYON.7z
  5. hell yea dude!!! push it to the limit!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-3Yok5D3Aw
  6. This is a version of GTL software that will allow you to change voltages and frequencies. There is not a software tool that allows you to change memory timings in OS. I would use the ASRock Timings Configurator to see what the timings are in OS. Are you looking for GTL software? What tools exactly are you looking for? GTL_0303.7z
  7. Are you looking for GTL software? What tools exactly are you looking for?
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