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  1. BB pot + Z170M OCF is just unreal performance. It's clear that we havent needed another MOCF. Can't wait to see if we get an M/OCF on the 1159 socket!!
  2. Hello everyone. I hope all is well! I'm on the search for a strong 8700K or 8086K that will do 6.75G+ R15. Help a bro out. Lol
  3. any special volts needed for that or is it all in the lower RAM and CPU multi?
  4. Any hobby that stands the test of time eventually becomes something larger than a hobby. I.E. every sport in history. Every sport I can think of has lasted decades. Some are more popular than others, but that's not my point. Every sport I can think of has went through many different changes to the sport itself. Most sports, the rules get changed every year. Or in e-sports case, the game gets updated. By nature this upsets and pleases people at the same time. To me, that is exactly whats happening on hwbot. I'm not sure if there is a way to avoid that.
  5. I cant believe I was trolled by a fellow team member. You're good @Mikecdm I will give you that. Haha If it lives through the X265 grinder then it's definitely unkillable. Lol
  6. Thanks @mllrkllr88 I put a good bid of work into that sub. Now it's time for you to unleash your beast of 7740X!
  7. @GtiJason got me started on hwbot. He also introduced me the OCN crew. And they accepted my noobness. Lol I do think it is important for team leaders and team members to look for new overclockers on hwbot or any social media. Having a group of people to chat and share experience with is the core of the overclocking community I feel like.
  8. Coming from KaRtA, the hardware sharing king, I thought you would have already had your hands on at least 3 of these 7740X ES chips. Lol
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