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  1. We've integrated the fixes introduced in Geekbench 3.4.3 into Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5. Geekbench 4.4.4 and Geekbench 5.2.4 fix the issues that prevented both from being used on AMD systems running Windows 10 on HWBOT. Both releases are available for download from the Geekbench website: http://cdn.geekbench.com/Geekbench-4.4.4-WindowsSetup.exe http://cdn.geekbench.com/Geekbench-5.2.4-WindowsSetup.exe Let me know if you hit any issues with either release.
  2. @Sparky's__Adventure Geekbench 3.4.4 is the latest version of Geekbench 3, and includes all of the fixes included in 3.4.3b3: http://cdn.geekbench.com/Geekbench-3.4.4-WindowsSetup.exe
  3. This is fascinating. Thanks, @Splave, for taking the time to write this up. A couple of things that might be helpful: You can still download Geekbench 3.1.5 from our servers if you'd prefer an official link: https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.1.5-WindowsSetup.exe Geekbench 3.4.3 is out of beta and is now the default download on the Geekbench 3 website: https://www.geekbench.com/geekbench3/download/
  4. This is true of any application (even Benchmate) provided someone is willing to devote enough time to the endeavour. I'm just glad we were able to fix the big issues that were of concern to the HWBot folks. Thanks for your help!
  5. @_mat_ I'm glad you were able to verify that Geekbench is now resilient against both BCLK skews and Win32 API hooks. It's less important how Geekbench implements these protections and more important whether these protections work. If you don't have the resources to test the edge cases we can certainly look into including them in our regular test plan for Geekbench. I would just need to know how to reproduce these edge cases so our QA team can reproduce them in our lab.
  6. @_mat_ I’m assuming this means you weren’t able to reproduce the issues you encountered on Beta 1 with Beta 3?
  7. Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 3 is now available for download: https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.4.3b3-WindowsSetup.exe Beta 3 includes the following changes: Update how valid and invalid results are displayed to the user. Update the Browser to display the validation status of Geekbench 3 results. Fix benchmark initialization issues on HEDT systems. Beta 3 should run much more quickly on HEDT systems than Beta 2. Fix memory frequency detection. Give it a try and let me know if you hit any issues. If no other issues are encountered we'll most likely make this an official release in early March, and then start work on migrating the validation code into Geekbench 4 and Geekbench 5.
  8. @Splave, it may take a while for the benchmark to initialize on TR3 systems (it's proportional to the number of hardware threads). How long did you let Geekbench sit at the "Benchmark Progress" dialog?
  9. Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 2 is now available for download: https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.4.3b2-WindowsSetup.exe Beta 2 improves the in-app validation routines, and makes it far more obvious whether Geekbench considers a result valid (or invalid or questionable) due to timer issues. Beta 2 will still let users view invalid results as well as upload them to the Geekbench Browser. The Browser still needs to be updated to display the validation status of the results, but that should be straightforward once the client code is working properly. Give it a try and let me know if you hit any issues.
  10. For what it's worth we still sell and support Geekbench 3. For the vast majority of users we recommend Geekbench 5 as it has much more modern benchmark tests, but if people hit bugs with Geekbench 3 we'd like to hear about it.
  11. How did you run Geekbench? On our test systems that drastic a change to BCLK would’ve been flagged.
  12. I disagree -- I think this is something we should fix in Geekbench itself, as then these fixes benefit all Geekbench users. I don't know the full list of processors, but the 3990X (along with the W-3175X) was mentioned explicitly by @Splave.
  13. We're working on a new Geekbench 3 release that addresses issues that affect the overclocking community. The first preview release, Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1, is now available for download: https://geekbench.s3.amazonaws.com/Geekbench-3.4.3b1-WindowsSetup.exe Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1 fixes the issues that prevented Geekbench 3 from working on recent AMD and Intel HEDT processors. Geekbench 3.4.3 Beta 1 also fixes several issues that prevented Geekbench 3 from being used on AMD systems running Windows 10 on HWBOT. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
  14. jfpoole

    TR 3990X

    Geekbench 3, 4, and 5 only use CPUIDSDK to report system information. Swapping out the DLLs should have no impact on the benchmark score. I'll take a look and see if we can't do a release of Geekbench 3 that includes the latest CPUIDSDK DLLs.
  15. jfpoole

    TR 3990X

    Which DLLs did you have to replace? The CPUIDSDK DLLs?
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