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  1. Hi guys, what's your current best bios for daily use with A1 ram and 8700k? i'm actually using bios #2003 by dsanke but i'm not happy with efficiency ..
  2. I'm trying this one now.. Did you try this bios? I'm trying too your 0022 modified based on m10a to see which makes better memory performance
  3. It seems that the latest bios based on m9a isn't good enough for my A1 sticks... can't make good settings on my 8700k...
  4. Hi guys, i'm searching one kit of bdie ddr4 8gbx2. 4080mhz+ c12. Shipping in EU (italy) Thanks
  5. Hi guys, i've done hwmod to a m9a, i've downloaded 1901 bios and put into a USB Key, renamed as M9A.rom and done USB flashback, but when It finishes flash nothing happened. Bios was not flashed. What's wrong? Edit. I'm a jerk ๐Ÿ˜‚ creative.rom not m9a.rom. It works. Thanks. PS. I'm trying 2003 bios
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