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  1. P5E3 Premium & E8400 payment pending DDR Kit2 payment pending
  2. Price drop for P5E3 Premium - 140 euro + shipping I added some CH-5/BH-5 based RAM. 256MB sticks only. I tested mostly on Spi 8M. #4 Kit1 - does 255 2-2-2-5 3.6V - 25 euro #5 Kit2 - the best, one BH-5 stick, one CH-5 - does 270 2-2-2-5 3,6V (passes 32M, look on screen) - 35 euro #6 Kit3 - does 255 2-2-2-5 3.6V - 25 euro #7 Kit4 - two single Vdata and Twinmos sticks, I haven't tested them in dual - 10 euro per stick This RAM is VERY hard to get, at least in EU at this moment. I kept for myself two 512MB (I've found only three in total) and I'm selling the rest. Not to mention about those which are suitable only for the recycling
  3. #1 Asus P5E3 Premium. Pulled from old high end PC, I think it was never overclocked considering the dried thermal paste below the stock cooler. Full BOX, only manual is missing, but I guess you won't need that Board is able to run 2000MHz 7-7-7 on double sided memory, which actually better than most Rampage Extreme which I had (only one was able to do it). It needs 1,75-1,77V on NB and very good airflow on chipset, that's all - no magic. PL9 on 2:1, as you can see on the screens. Board doesn't need any special tricks for FSB, I set only 0,67 for both CPU GTL. Validation on 626FSB (probably end of the CPU, considering the fact that it can run 620MHz Cinebench). https://valid.x86.fr/ewp6ct 150 euro + shipping (about 15 euro to most countries) #2 E8400 E0 Q827. Pulled from the same PC In my opinion can be good candidate for some nice scores, 4650 @ 1,55V Superpi 32M, and 626MHz FSB Valid. 15 euro + shipping (about 5 euro to most countries) #3 Celeron 450. Delided, IHS is loose, Kryonaut below the IHS. Silicon core lost a corner, but works without any problem. 4030MHz on Air as you can see, scales to 1,65V on air and runs hot (high leakage I think). There are some mine old scores on hwbot - made on autoscade in around - 65/67C https://hwbot.org/submission/3061271_bartx_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_celeron_450_1h_4min_21sec_887ms I think it's possible to do 5GHz on this chip on LN2 and get all the gold cups 25 euro + shipping (about 5 euro to most countries) PayPal - friends and family. All items guarantee not DOA.
  4. Thanks for the into about compatibility. There is much more hardware nowadays which people used to throw away, but now those things are getting more and more expensive
  5. I'm wondering if anybody have a crossfire cable for X1950XTX. I have the Crossfire card already, but no wire...
  6. 6800LE sold, rest still available
  7. Four nice AGP cards for sale. 100% working condition, all cards cleaned and applied Arctic MX-2 on core. All of them were never dissassembled before. All works perfectly except fan on X800 Pro which make weird noises. I don't have screens from 7800GS testing, but I can make some if you need. Guarantee not DOA. I ship worldwide, shipping cost 10-15 euro depends on location. Shipping cost for 2 pieces will be probably the same. PayPal friends and family is preffered. 1. Gainward GeForce 6800 LE DDR - 40 euro 2. Sapphire X800 Pro 128MB - 40 euro 3. Sapphire X1950 Pro 256MB - 40 euro 4. XFX 7800GS 512MB - 60 euro
  8. Good point. There are those socket testers with LED, maybe it will show the broken connections.
  9. Hi, I have DFI Lanparty NF4 with 2 ram slots non working. I saw also the other one for sale with the same issue. I'm wondering if anybody got the same issue and I'm thinking about possible repair. There are new NF4 chipsets on aliexpress for about 5$. There is also option to unsolder the chipset from other working board and solder it to DFI. Any input will be much appreciated. Those boards are getting harder and harder to get.
  10. This HyperX stick is not a BH-5 for sure You can recognize it by the sticker.
  11. Ok, I finally managed to get it working. Here is the working solution for Promise PDC20376 controller. I used 60GB Kingston SSDNow 300 SSD. 1. Connect the drive to the SATA port, double check the connection, because SATA connector on board is loose (!), not permamently attached. 2. Press Ctrl-F during boot and create 1 drive RAID array. 3. Integrate Promise PDC20376 / FastTrak 376 driver to Windows XP using nLite. 4. Create USB stick with Windows XP install using WinToFlash Lite. 5. Boot from USB choose 1st option (1st, text mode setup), in my case copying files took about 3 hours from USB stick. 6. After reboot choose other option (2nd, GUI mode setup), choosing first one again will result in error. 7. Be happy from your working Windows XP installation.
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