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  1. Foxconn BlackOps - 100 euro Kingston 2133C8 Kit1 - 55 euro Buffalo Firestix - 20 euro
  2. Price drops: Foxconn BlackOps - 110 euro Kingston 2133C8 Kit1 - 60 euro Kingston 2133C8 Kit2 - 65 euro Buffalo Firestix - 25 euro
  3. bartx

    WTB budget SS

    I can deliver you the most difficult parts, assembled and ready for installation (evap, suction line, mounting kits) and provide some guidance about the rest of the parts which will be needed. The work which you need to do: - mount all the parts on the base plate, make some electric connections - bend a few copper pipes - braze the pipes, the most difficult part is to braze pipes to the compressor, you'll need quite powerful torch to make it properly - charge the unit with gas and tune it for the load, to be honest it's good to have a load tester, but it can be made from cartridge heaters for the cheap + copper part, which I can also prepare
  4. Prices don't inlude shipping costs, which are usually 5-25 euro worldwide depends on weight and location. PayPal gift or money transfer accepted. Foxconn BlackOps - mint condition, 100% working. I cleaned the original NB heatsink and applied fresh Arctic MX-2 on NB. I/O shield and sound card, guarantee not DOA. 125 euro I can make a cover for the NB heatsink, because original one is missing. It can be made from copper, brass or acetal (for additional 15 euro) with 1/4 threads. Biostar Tpower i45 - good condition, original PCI-E jumpers are missing, board only. Cleaned heatsinks, new thermopad and MX-2 on NB. Board only, no accessories. Guarantee not DOA. 50 euro Kingston HyperX 2x2GB 2133MHz CL8 Elpida Hyper - two sets available, perform similar although Kit 2 needs simply less voltage for 2200CL8. Guarantee not DOA. Kit 1 - 70 euro Kit 2 - 75 euro Kit 1 Kit 2 Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB 667MHz CL3 Micron D9, 100% working, guarantee not DOA. Quick test on Biostar - 1000MHz CL4 @ 2.4V 15 euro Buffalo Firestix 2x1GB 800MHz CL5 Micron D9, 100% working, guarantee not DOA. Quick test on Biostar - 1000MHz CL4 @ 2.4V 30 euro
  5. bump, still available
  6. I'm looking for appraisal for this stuff, of course condition is working Asus Marx GTX 760 (full box) Foxconn Destroyer (with I/O shield) Biostar Tpower I45 (oem)
  7. Asus Maximus III Formula. Good condition, pulled from daily rig, never been on cold. Accessories as pictured (I/O Shield, sata wires, Q-connection, manual, some stickers etc.), sound cards is missing. Small damage on SATA port. Guarantee not DOA, I made only a few tests on i7 870 and Hypers. Looking for 90 euro + shipping (10-20 euro depends on location). I ship worldwide. PayPal gift or money transfer.
  8. 110 euro + shipping
  9. 150 euro + shipping
  10. For sale never used Asus Rampage III Gene motherboard. I got it from a man who bought it as a spare one for his server and never used this board. There are no sign of dust or wear, because board spent couple of years in the box. I only replaced the battery. Two sata wires are missing (originally there were 4 pieces, I have only 2), rest is in the box. Board is in 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. I'm looking for 200 euro + shipping (15-25 euro, I can ship worldwide). PayPal (gift) or Bank transfer
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