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  1. For sale a few items, which I don't need anymore. All things are in working condition and guarantee not DOA. #1 Asus HD7970 Matrix - original fan is missing, but fans from Accelero does the job. I used it for last few months in my personal PC. New thermopads. 100€ + shipping #2 Gigabyte P55A-UD7 - board only, no accessory, comes with i5 680 CPU, one pin in socket is missing, but it's either a GND or Vcore pin, board works fine. Pretty rare board. 100€ + shipping #3 Gigabyte EP45 Extreme - as pictured, no issues 100€ + shipping #4 DFI LanParty RDX200 - another rare item, DFI LanParty 939 socket with AMD chipset 100€ + shipping I can ship worldwide. Bank transfer preffered, PayPal gift is fine too. And Revolut.
  2. For Cascade temps you don't need a special K-probe, standard one for few euros will do the job.
  3. sold, please move
  4. 130 euro + shipping
  5. This RAM list still exists after some search What do you think about those? https://web.archive.org/web/20150416000220/http://ramlist.i4memory.com/ddr3/
  6. MSI GTX680 Lightning card. 100% working condition, never used on subzero (pulled from daily rig). Additional tests will be made right before shipping to ensure that everything is ok. Guarantee not DOA. 140 euro + shipping (I can ship worldwide, ask for costs). Bank transfer (preffered) or PayPal gift.
  7. #1 Asus Rampage Extreme X48 in BOX, almost all accessory (I think only CD is missing), 8A manufacturing date, I haven't tested the FSB, but according to my notes it does 2000 7-7-7 2x2GB on Hypers @ 1,656v NB. 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. 220 euro + shipping #2 Maximus II Formula in BOX, I think all accessory is present. 100% working condition, guarantee not DOA. 120 euro + shipping I can ship worldwide. Bank transfer preffered, second preffered option - PayPal gift Both board were not used for XOC, I took them from daily PCs. Regards
  8. Goodram Pro DDR2 512MB 900MHz - 15 sticks in total. All based on Micron D9, I removed heatspreader from such kit some time ago, it was D9GKX below it. Random kit boots on 1333 5-5-5 @ 2.4V. All tested in memtest on stock settings, no time to play more with them. It could be very solid stuff to break some DDR2 records. 7 euro per stick or 75 euro for all (5 euro per stick) + shipping (starts from 5 euro, I can ship worldwide, but I have to check first). PayPal, Bank transfer. Revolut also might be possible.
  9. Use the PCI diagnostic card, it's really helpful. Throubleshooting of the X58 can be real pain... I had X58A-UD5 some time ago, one RAM slot wasn't working = not triple channel. No bent pins, no damage. I cleaned everything... still no go.
  10. bartx

    [FS] Nice 7700k BOX

    sold, please move
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