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[FS] GTX Titan + Epower classi


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I'm sell my titan (need money to paid LN2..)


Epower classified already solder on it (picture incoming), new one, first time I solder it.


Titan can reach easely 1700/1800 @1.55v between -60° and -120°. Cold don't help.

GPU scale a LOT with voltage...

I don't have Evbot with good firmware (and no EVGA MB to update it), I only used switch on Epower -> 1.55v on heavy bench, can't set higher voltage without evbot :(


With 1.6 - 1.65 it can probably run @1800... voltage help a lot

Tested on vantage, firestrike extreme, catzilla.


Vmem and Vpll already done. Already solder, already insulated, ready to used...

Only need to add GPU pot, lowering temp to -80°C, set voltage and run :)


I add picture and screen when I go back home.


I Can give you tips to help you with it, it's easy to use, really.



Price is 400e for titan + 100e Epower

I don't want to unsolder Epower so :

1° 500e for all (titan + epower)


2° 400e for all and you send me a new Epower classi



UPDATE : 450e

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