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ludek111 - CUSL2-C @ 177MHz - 177 MHz Reference Clock


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Yes I modded CUSL2-c like this:



Without connecting Vss to Vid_25_mv


Insulate three pins and connect PWRGD (not insulated) to VttPWRGD (which is insulated). I was using small cable. It's good to make the insulated pins holes bigger.

I was using this sophisticaded tool: LINK :D

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Thanks for the answer but I actually did the same mod and tried even more (G35-G37 bridge, isolation of Detect etc) - no go. With Evil Inside bios too. All voltages are in place (vcore, vtt, vnb, vagp, vdimm) - but still black screen. Probably should do a more complex connection of AK4 either to VTT or PWGD with resistor and capacitor.

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I have done this mod lots of times ~25-30, always working on CUSL2-C and on Via based CUV4X-M. I always use insulation from copper wire (AWG26-30 ?), cut it to small ~0.4 cm parts and putting it on pins. If those not squash while putting CPU to socket, then it works and pins are insulated.

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Did you mod cpu or mobo to support PIII-S? I failed to make PIII-S with mods run on CUSL2, although it still works in TUSL2. Modded Celly 1.1 1.5v works fine. But modded Celly 1.1 1.475 doesn't. Dunno what to do - don't want to mod motherboard.



With my cusl2 there is the same problem.


sl6bx,sl6by,sl6c8 no problems,with a celeron 1.3 ta1 no problems,with a sl6c7...crash,reboot,is hard open windows,impossible close superpi 1m.


Why?I don't know...my mod is kills 3 pin,not bridge.




recently i test max fsb 133:100 of my cusl2,is capable of 223 superpi 1m,but i have not a good memory so 167 3 3 3 7 9 is very hard,i had a cusl2-c capable of 190 superpi 1m stable.


cusl2-c is not good for high fsb but


1)test in 66:100 your max pci/agp stable

2)133:100 is better of 133:133,may be your limit is the ram and not the mainboard.




I have used cusl with this mod in my wr frequency. The bridge don t needed


Wr frequency....sborone :D

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Thanks, but i used Crucial CL2 wich has done 206 MHz, so 1:1 divider is good. I noticed lower fsb while using 133:100. I'm using GF4 x8 which can work with >100 MHz AGP stable. Only this motherboard was the limit. I have a Celeron Tualatin 256 kB 133/1300 MHz. As far as I remember, it was working with CUSL2-C two years ago without problems. Maybe your processor has got burned cache. Try to turn it off in bios.

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