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=[FS]= .. OCZ Blade BBSE


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Up for sale is a 3x2GB set of OCZ3B2000C9LV6GK a.k.a. 2000C9 Blades.

Kit is based on Elpida BBSE with KO-8117 PCB.

Two best modules can do 1300 8-11-7 at 1.91V, third one needs ~0.01V more.




Asking 85 Euros including worldwide shipping.

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There is no scheme to predict chips on OCZ that I know of.


On 2000C9 Blades it might be dependant on the manufacturing date:

- Hazzan reported Micron D9KPT back in April 2009;

- this kit is made in May 2009 (..0905.. in SN), websmile's ex kit was made in June 2009 (..0906.. in SN) and had BBSE too;

- a set made in July 2010 was recently sold on German ebay and by the looks of it, it had 2Gbit chips, probably BCSE.

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