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Hey guys,


Running Cat 720 at the moment on tri sli (Ti) and seem to be having some sort of an issue.


Last night i ran a couple of time and lost the clocks on gpu, probably due to temp. Thats all rectified now and i've been monitoring clocks this morning and there's no issue holding them.


Score at the end of the run is less than i had with x2 sli, by a good bit. (46k v's 51k) Is this a software issue on the Cat side of things or have i completely missed something? (3 gpu afr enabled).

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Yeah, seems to be good Mike. Changed from nvi to AB for clocks and managed to keep them higher for longer, still had two drop at a couple of points though and not entirely sure why as they should be P0 through the whole run….running Skyn3t's rev.5 with boost disabled.

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