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Intel I7 4770k 5000mhz 1,28V


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I have for sale one intel i7 4770k!


Can do 5G with 1,28V, air cooling for 3dmark01!!






Can do 6360mhz, ln2 cooled for 3dmark01!!






For daily using can run linx with low water cooling:

4500mhz - 1,15v

4600mhz - 1,18v

4700mhz - 1.22v


I have box from it but no stock cooling! The price is 400€...

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so tempted to grab this :D ...damn !

5.1 and 5.2 ghz on what voltages does it work ?

Does it have delid ?

How much will be the shipment in Cyprus ,Limassol,postal code 4005 ?


The cpu never was been open (no diled) and don´t know more then 5g on air/water... my wc sistem is not very powerfull


You can see it here (is the blackbox) http://www.overclock.net/t/1174563/official-silverstone-ft03-ft03-mini-owners-club/1630

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