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Trident blade 3D 9880 vs Trident blade 3D MVP4 IGP

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Hi guys i have one question! :)

I have found an old mainboard (PC Chips M585LMR with VIA MVP4-VT8501)

it's a supersocket 7 mainboard that has VIA MVP4 Northbridge with Trident Image 3D IGP


On hwbot I have found only this "Blade 3D" (is an gpu with agp 2x card) with 105mhz and code 1023-9880



But my Trident Blade 3D doesn't work at 105mhz but only 57mhz and have a different code "1023-8400" and is not a gpu agp 2x card but an IGP card like this:



So is possible to add this new type of IGP?

Retromayday has this IGP

If you want I can post some screenshot with rivatuner or Everest\aida 64 to show code and subcode

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Yes, I just moved his score :)


You are a magician :P

Only last question...

I think that there is a lot of Blade3D IGP graphics card because this chip was used in different chipset:

VIA KL133 KLE133, PLE133/T and MVP4, for 370, socket A and the last for supersocket7



Me and Retromayday have Blade3D IGP integrated on VIA MVP4

I only suppose this...

If you search it on VIA website you can find this information

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