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Delid Athlon X4 750K

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What method did you use because I tried practicing on a dead A10-6800K and completely wrecked it in the process.

Razor blade. Never had any problem with this method, as long as you are very careful and let it take time it's easy.


I've killed 1 delid 3770k and 1 delid 4770k though, but both was cracking the core after too many cooler mounts.

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hm... I have myself X4 740 @ 4477 at 1.45V and max temps on socket sensor 55C on air :)

AMD Overdrive Thermal margin 18.5C *I do not have proper airflow in Case :/

Ambient 17C :)

I cannot push more because A88XM-A have locked fsb max is 140 ;)

If I mange put my hands on A88X-PRO max reached FSB on Hwbot 183 :)

I try more after buying better cooling :)

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