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DFI NF4 Expert and TCCD

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So I remember reading a lot about there being TCCD issues on the Expert boards back in the day but was a little too young to take it all in (only 12-13 at the time :P)


Anyway my question is, was this ever fixed, i.e. was there a solution to get the TCCD sticks performing like they should?


Many thanks,



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I used a retail bios on expert and tccd, in case you need the board for validation with tccd this is more than enough. 550 c2,5 is also 32m stable with this, above you might encounter stability problems, but as said, vor validation, no problem, did 380 in dual channel straight boot at 3-5-5 iirc and 2,7v with some modest Patriots, and I don´t think board did limit me on this, there might have worked more with higher voltages

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