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(FS)3xPentium 3258+1xPentium 3420


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due to bad memory, I received three more Pentium 3258 which I ordered a few weeks ago and forgot about :D - well, at least I had some last 1150 fun :P


jd801333d7e54.jpg jd801331jsozb.jpg


1. 3x Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary edition boxed(unlocked multiplier)


All three cpus are same batch, 3419B312, all have decent imcs, and all work. Used only a couple of hours to verify mem oc capabilities and some tests on Z87OCFM with annoying beta Bios, but the cpus did good.

jd801336g7uyd.jpg 2600twcl64-5-4175vtigkzut2.jpg


2. Intel Pentium G3420 boxed


Works flawless, I am first owner like on the AEs, used for mem binning and surfing the net




3. Arctic cooling RC Heatspreaders for ddr-Ram




Prices without shipping

1. 50 Euros each CPU one sold and paid, second one sold at german hwluxx, third sold as well

2. 35 Euros

3. 5 euros








Payment is possible with paypal (non cc) or western union. Shipping with deutsche Post will cost around 8-10 Euros, dependant on place I have to ship to, without boxed cooler, only box and cpu, I can ship several items at this price. If you are unsure about costs for your country, send pm and I will check.




Disclaimer: Private sale, therefore no returns accepted, no warranty provided by me. On oc, ymmv, but I test with retail hardware and bios, no voodoo manufacturer stuff which makes hardware look better than it is. I take no responsibilty for compability problems as well, I test stuff as good as possible and all hardware works flawless

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Guest barbonenet

hi man, can you select for me the best g3258? on air/water what's the max frequency at hwbotprime??? thanks;)

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these are tested fast for imc and 4,5ghz wprime1024, cpus needed 1,19 and 1,21v for this, and on cpu that showed to be worst I did cinenbench :D - so I can give you best cpu, but I cannot tell you max hwbotprime :D

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