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The official Rookie Rumble #8 thread.


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Guess my 4770k deserves some rest.

It won't even take XTU like it used to anymore,

and basically lost the ability to run anything other than 100 BCLK :/

Still rock stable at 4.8G rendering on Vray, so it's not a complete loss...


I'm not saying XTU is the reason why it "fried" a little but this bench is a bit too demanding

for the RR in my opinion.

Why not replace it with something a bit softer like Cinebench? AMD guys have it ;)

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Too bad XTU must stay...

It's the only bench I consider truely horrible for a highly OC'd CPU.

You can literally hear it suffer, and I'm never putting any of my future chips to go through this ever again.


Definitely not suited for rookies, but rather experienced clockers!

It's no secret anymore that you have to downclock your CPU to complete it past some point

where your CPU will go beyond it's thermal limit and won't handle the ammount of stress through the whole bench...


IMHO, XTU is pointless when put in the RR context, since dipping your rad in ice cold water

and using 2400+ RAM seem to be the only way to score high enough to matter!


Don't take it the wrong way, terms and bench panel are up to you.

But I highly doubt I'll participate to the next edition if XTU is still featured...

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