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The official Rookie Rumble #8 thread.


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i'v gave up with these benchmarks don't have the money to drop on new hardware to even try scoreing better, would need a 4770k or 4790k for xtu and g3258 for prime. and 1m dosnt matter any cpu works here


I mentioned all of this back in Rookie Rumble #6, (btw massman, no winner/lucky draw was announced for this). Was totally set up to suit whoever owned a 4770k over anything else, and my 4930k would get better scores, just not per core.


Would love to see a mix of the benches, you could still include XTU, just make the others shine on other platforms as well (I like HWBPrime as it works well on older platforms).Superpi is nice because it introduces memory tweaks over anything plus clock speed.


It is a reasonable mix, just been dominated by one platform too much.

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hmm seems even enthusiasts can enter with ohhhhh 50 times the experience from rookies so wht is the use......


The Enthusiasts are not joining. The engine is experiencing some issues lately with the League assignment for the Rookies. Some accidentally are put in the Enthusiast category.


The competition is limited to users who registered less than 3 months before the start of the competition. "Real" Enthusiasts will not be able to enter.


Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to fix this :)

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I think the concept for the rookie rumble need to change. I ran the first one with my 4770k only to the last day found out that other "rookies" had different cpus for different benchmarks so what was the point. Sitting 3000 km away from the closest computershop does ofcourse not help. If we are introducing rookies then it is first about learning the ideas behind oc-ing on the hardware one have. Making the best of what one have which is the original idea of why most people started ocing - buy cheaper hardware making it perform to its best without having to invest a lot of money. To that effect i believe it should also be done with air/water cooling but not with external waterbuckets and so forth. Its simply too easy to end up with hardware disasters for that for something that supposedly is aimed at rookies. Such more advanced stuff could come on some novice competitions rebuilding the hardware and various cpus and so forth. If you look on the score sheet summary it is quite visible that there is a huge difference in scoring between guys with a single hardware setup and all others. That means most will give up after a few days. Then maybe have some novice competitions geared at for example users having one 2 core and one 4 core cpu of choice.


I like both hwbot prime xtu and superpi as they really help make the understanding of the different aspects of tweaks that are needed. Maybe some hints in the rules about finding the right java version and soforth is needed though as a lone rookie will have to search wideöy before finding the right material for that.


Ofcourse some guys advance much faster and have the money to spend and thus also is interested in changing various benchmarks in the rookie rumble but I think that is limited compared to the very many that end up in the lower scoring ranks in that particular contest.


Just having a quick analysis of the Total scores effectively 220 participants have just up to 20 points compared to 20 having a score above 20 points. If we then look at the ones below 20 points most of them are on single hardware configuration. If we then remove the ones who had only 1 point that potentially did not really have any competition interest it still mean 67 participants with more or less single hardware configuration gave up after the initial attempts seeing it was not possible to get anywhere with smaller tweaks against massive multi hardware scores. That means out of the potential recruitment base a major majority is lost in the first competition, if that was the intention with the introductory competition.






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Congrats to nvidiaforever2 for dominating once again. Gave it a good crack in this one but had one G3258 die, the next was very mediocre and the 4790k I have seems one of the worst clockers around!


I do need to ask though what cooling, how its cooled because he is just way too far above the rest of us and seems odd. I can't see chilled water doing the job for what he has, but if he has, you've done a bloody good job again mate.


You have some really awesome scores.


It's been a lot of fun, but I'm into the next league now. Keep on battling rookies!

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I can confirm that he has no access to chiller, dod, dry ice or ln2. His scores are made with the radiator in ice bucket, that's all.

I can also confirm that he is a very good OCer, such a dedication is impressive coming from a rookie. Btw he does not deserve the rookie title anymore, he's an enthousiast OCer now :)

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I have tried to get the best of my sandy bridge, but even i manage to hit the 5ghz barrier i cannot pass the xtu bench.


And i would like some one explain to me or at least tell where can i found the reason why the scores are going down with the days of the rumble goes by!??? And whats that of multi configuration?


For the next rumble i will try again... but i know that im not gonna beat up a 4770k .

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