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8800 GT and 4x PCIe

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I currently got a Asrock 4CoreDualVSTA which is powered by a VIA PT880 Ultra. It's stable, it's cheap, but the PCIe slot is only 4x instead of 16x.


I know this is no bottleneck for my 7300GT, but I assume this will be a serious bottleneck if I replace the 7300GT with a 8800 GT... or not?


If so, is the Asus P5K still a good buy, or are there better boards for +- 100 euros?


Thanks guys. : )

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I thought the 650i was worse than the P35?


don't upgrade the board before you tested the 8800 GT with PCI 4x just to see how much bottleneck there is;)


I won't really know for sure until I have both to compare, heh. :)


Vanilla is good but remember voltage damper is not active and you will need droop mod. Might want to consider a P5K-E if one is avail. :)


Thanks for the tip!


Why does a P5K has 2x PCIe 16x if it doesn't support SLI/CF??

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Yes, a tech 'geek' with spare time has a chance to get it working.


The money isn't the issue, it's just that I don't want to spend a few nights of spare time on reinstalling another motherboard / windows / raid controller / etc. This is probably my last windows pc, I'm tired of drivers / tweaking / hw issues. I've been using macs for the last 2 years, and not once have I had an hw / driver / os issue.


Maybe the 8800GT is a good price item for an hwbot contest.

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