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I get this weird warning

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The warning


"This profile was made on a system which does not allow overclocking. Try to enabled overclocking related options in your BIOS, or use a different motherboard. Applying downloaded profiles may not work."


What is that? I have overclocking options in bios and thats how I have overclocked. I am just curios, it dosnt really matter I guess.


BTW I'm brand new to this site and have only gotten my feet wet with overclocking. I hope to have a lot of fun as well as getting the most from my hardware.


Last but not least I searched the forum here for the waning and did not find it. If its there I apologize.


Also I dont know the difference between a post and a thread so if I made the wrong one.... oops

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Ad further apology
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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I can only guess that it is saying that as H81 isn't actually meant to be able to overclock (locked down in the BIOS from what I know). Only Z87 (from the 8 series chipset) is meant to be able to.

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I used the bios to oc. Will the warning affect my submissions? Im new to hwbot and only have overclocked here and there in the past. I want to have a clean record here and the warning had me worried at first but now its easy enough to ignore. Thanks again for yor answers.

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  • Crew

So when you submit Super Pi 1M you try to upload XTU profile to detect hardware. Just check "Enter hardware manually" button and you won't have this alert. As for XTU - I agree to TheMadDutchDude

H81 isn't actually meant to be able to overclock
. That might be the issue making XTU go mad.
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