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wPrime just uploads the string from CPUz, the only thing I can suggest is adding in each CPU based on the CPUz string each time it gets it wrong (or can't find a match).


Btw, my U2500 doesn't get recognized.


Can I not be a kitchen robot? I want to be one of those automated toilet cleaners.

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guys,i`ve got a problem..perhaps you could help me..

made a score with the 1.57 version and saved the the score to a 32mtest WPS file..

but i go to upload it i get a library error and the prime.exe cannot find the file..

any suggestions?the score is for top20 i think..

i`ve got the file in my hdd if i can upload it here...

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Is there a way to make it stress for accurate clock readings, like it does when it tests for itself, but from when it shells CPU-Z until when CPU-Z finishes out?


If you have Cool 'n Quiet or EIST turned on, you sometimes get wacky submissions-- "Athlon X2 4600+ at 1000MHz" or "Core 2 E6750 at 2000MHz"

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