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Does this Result count?


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I have submitted successful my 3D Merk 05 Run, but when i saw the uploaded Screen, i got really scared. There ist a piece of the Messenger which covers a part of the ATI Tool Screen. I Think this is why i have a N/A in front of the Submitted Run. This is the Picture:




Does this one Count?


Aromed Vaporizer

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FM is futuremark online result browser.When you submit some result online you will see link to register and when you register every other result you submit will show on your FM account.Only problem is that if you don't have paid version(pro, advanced) you may only publish one score(read as: get validation link) per 3dmark/pcmark, except for 2001 where you can publish more than one score.

But if you have only one graphic card you will publish only the highest score and non paid version of 3dmark will be enough for that.For other situation you have to open another FM account(maybe this is forbidden, but I don't see any mention on futuremark that this is forbidden), or pay for 3dmark and publish as many scores as you want to publish.

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