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Hi guys...


I come here asking for a little help of the pros.


Currently I have a Maximus VII Ranger with a 4670K, I am trying to go above 4.6GHz but anything that I do just give me a BSOD. My current settings are this:


BLCK: 100MHz

CPU multiplier: 45

Min cache multiplier: 34

Max cache multiplier: 40

CPU Voltage: 1.5V

CPU Cache voltage: 1.250V


That settings works without problems for any benchmark,but any frequency above that (with any voltage) I only get BSOD.


Any help on this? I am pretty sure that the problems is settings...but I can not find the problem...


Thanks in advice.

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Sorry, I wrote a wrong CPU voltage.


CPU does 4.5GHz with 1.425V on BIOS and input voltage is 1.5V. I would give a read to the guide and try again. I tried with 1.6V on CPU for 4.8GHz but still getting 0x000000124, I would think that my problem is VCCIN but I will check after read the guide.

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Not better...


Tried again with adviced recived and the max was 4.8GHz with 1.6V on CPU and 2.1 on VCCIN. Both voltage seems high (for me) for that "low" frequency.


I will test on anothee z97 motherboard to compare results. Could be the motherboard?


If this is on air then please don't use that much volts xD


1.6V is really really high for air.

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