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Need help with this one

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I have a DBPower tablet that I'm not able to root so I can bench it.

Has the Android 4.2 OS that it came with, the CPU is an Allwinner A31S Quad core.


Here's a link to the tablet in question:



Information on this one has been all but non-existant but if anyone does know where I can get what I need to root the tablet, it would be most appreciated.



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I know this is old but why do you need to root it to bench?


What's methods and exploits have you tried to get it rooted? Have you got a custom recovery installed such as cwm or twrp?


To get some of the benchies to run they must have root access or they won't work along with proggys for OC'ing it in the first place.


I've looked around and from what I can tell ( I'm not very knowlegeable about rooting as you can tell ), you have to have a kit that works with the device the OS is installed on. Plenty of these for obvious makes and models but for a DB Power tablet, there's basically nothing out there for it since it appears to be an obscure brand.


I haven't changed anything from the specs shown above, all is still the same.

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