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Need a gauge for my ls-160b


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So I got this for a good price and the person who sold it to me said it almost certainly works. he got it with an identical one and it works fine, this one just needs a gauge

problem is he wont tell me jack about getting a gauge. So, I have come here to see if anyone can help me figure out what I need to do to get a pressure gauge for this.


Or is it something that I just need to find any liquid nitrogen tank gauge?


I looked it up and know all about how to work it and what psi it needs to move X amount of LN2


Basically I need something this big because its the only way I can get LN2 delivered and not have to drive 23.6 miles to somewhere, then another 23.6 miles back. which is probably not legal and I don't even have a vehicle. SO if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be VERY appreciative.

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On my devar there is a gauge from 0-1.6 bar and the thread is 3/4. Why dont you photograph the one on the working dewar and find a similar one, if it fits in the thread it doesnt matter if the scale is not the same.

On the pictures i dont see any hose for the filling in the thermos?

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